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Hi and Welcome to the Cyberpunk Wiki, this here is the Policy page, which should give you an idea of the expectations of editing this wiki. The following are some guidelines that the Cyberpunk Wiki follows. If you read nothing else here keep in mind these three key tenets of editing.

  1. BE BOLD! in updating pages. Go ahead, it's a wiki! Encourage others, including those who disagree with you, likewise to BE BOLD!
  2. Be civil to other users at all times.
  3. Speak up. If the rules discourage you from improving or maintaining the wiki's quality, ask about them. We might agree and change them to fit better!

If you need any additional clarification, please contact one of the wiki's admins.


This wiki has been given permission to use any materials from the R. Talsorian Games Library, on the condition that information is not directly taken word for word, and any and all materials are clearly referenced (Template:RefCP)

The wiki encourages editors to make an edit whenever they see an article that needs improving. Whether it be something as minor as a spelling mistake, or something larger like gaps in the facts provided, don't be afraid to jump in and improve the site. However, the wiki expects editors to be more circumspect when it comes to editing templates. The design and layout of the wiki's templates have been carefully considered; as such please consult an admin if you wish to propose a major change.

The wiki team and R. Talsorian discourage quoting the text directly from the material licensed by R. Talsorian in articles. Quoting is only acceptable in the (Block Quote) template and only one to two sentences are allowed.


The Cyberpunk Wiki aims to be the most complete database, online or otherwise, in regards to the work of Mike Pondsmith, R. Talsorian Games and CDProjekt Red in relation to the Cyberpunk; and by conjunction, their fictitious envision of dysopian Night City. As editors of the Cyberpunk Wiki, we are devoted to the accurate representation and description of the peoples, places, and things, depicted within the Corebooks, Sourcebooks and video games of the Cyberpunk Series, with as little in the way of preferential treatment of the works as we can. We are here to educate, transcribe, and describe, the aspects and experiences of this series, to which we have all derived enjoyment from. This is who we are, this is what we achieve.

General Policies

It would be best to view these first, in fact, if you were to read anything it would be best to look at these. There are very few policies which apply across all Fandom. These can be found on the Central Fandom at Category:Policy.

Leaked Information

Here at the Cyberpunk Wiki, we have an important policy that restricts the publishing of leaked information about future games. Leaked information that is added to articles will be deleted and the user who added such information may face a ban from editing at the wiki. Leaked information includes unofficial announcements from websites stating either false or unconfirmed information about a game / book, leaked pictures that haven't been released from the developer team, and rumors.


Vandalism is not tolerated on this wiki. There will be no warnings, any vandals will be banned for a determined period of time.

It is almost non-existent that this Wiki bans for anything but vandalism. That said, this is currently a small wiki, with a small team of regulars, who have better things to do with our time than clean up swear words. Most offenses, especially from anons, will receive a ban of 1 year (or more, if we're in a bad mood), with greatly reduced chance of appeal and greater chance of full-ban, if the vandalism spans multiple pages.

Our admins are human, and are willing to hear any ban appeals from users or anons - should they feel the ban was unjustified. By simply accessing your personal message wall, and leaving a well-put message appealing a ban, is enough for us to start discussion. We will be fair and honest, just as we are now in that if you're going so far as to appeal, you probably didn't do much wrong in the first place and there's something to discuss. Exploiting this system, however, is enough to get yourself full-banned, for whatever ridiculous number of years we figure should be sufficient.