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This is a weapon page layout which is encouraged to use for all weapon articles on the wiki.

Lead Section

The lead section is anything included before the table of contents and/or the article content. With the exception of the introductory text, they are optional depending on the situation, and must follow this order:

  1. Disambiguation links if there is another article of the same name, or may be confused with another.
  2. Article maintenance tags Alternatively, the maintenance tags can be included within a specific section of the article, with the exception of "stub" which must always be present in the lead section.
  3. Infobox/transformer template. They are generally wrapped in onlyinclude tags.
    • The infobox information should comply with the following:
      • Values of a max level weapon at Common rarity (Legendary for Iconic weapons), without the influence of Attributes, Skills or Perks
  4. Short introductory text, including the weapon name in Bold followed by information about which source the weapon appears in, it's manufacturer, any relevant information about the type and mechanism it uses, a quotation etc.
    • Example: The '''Nue''' is a [[Cyberpunk 2077 Power Weapons|Power]] [[Cyberpunk 2077 Pistols|Pistol]] manufactured by [[Tsunami Defense Systems]] appearing in {{CP|2077}}.
  5. Table of contents which generally appears after the lead, provided there is more than four headings. If the page is lone but does not have any table of contents, you may manually add it with ___TOC___.


See Template:Infobox Weapon2077.


The overview should include a description of the weapon and its main features, its appearance, its effects, and other information that one can find about it.

Special effects, such as iconic effects, are best deducted using the REDmod DLC files for Cyberpunk 2077. Specifically the tweak files are useful here.

Database Entry

This is where to put the complete database entry for a weapon as it appears in Cyberpunk 2077. To do so, simply use the Template:DBEntry and fill in the title, image and transcript field. For weapons that don't have database entries, it's okay to put "This weapon has no database entry."


This area is for the methods a weapon can be acquired and should be marker with a bullet list. For some this may be several methods, such as a vendor, crafting spec, quest etc., indenting (using ** in the source editor or simply hitting tab when on the bullet point) can help sort them. Note that for weapons that are only lootable from common sources, such as enemies, one should define which enemies or affiliated gangs they can be obtained from. Only list guaranteed locations here. An example:

  • Rarity can be purchased for Price from:
    • Vendor in District
  • Quest - Reward to V for completing/gifted to by Character


See Template:CraftingTable Here you can put the required crafting recipes for a weapon, and where to obtain them or when they are unlocked.


List here appearances and iconics of the weapon (in gallery or bullet list format if no image is available). Similar to See Also.

Behind the Scenes

Excerpts from official books or other media, such as the Digital Artbook.


Notes should be listed using bullet lists. This includes things related to the game in some way.

  • Anything that is not a trivia or a bug goes here


Trivia should be listed using bullet points. This includes anything not related to the game (like easter egg examples would go here).

  • Anything that is not a note or bug goes here
    • Do not list real world look-a-like weapon information


Bugs should be listed using a bullet list. This includes examples that were not intentionally meant to be in the game. Additionally, you may include one link to a fan-made bug fix per bug. However, the link should be removed once it has been patched.

  • Anything that is not a note or trivia goes here


Any map(s) relevant to the weapon can be included here. This can include a map from the customized map tab or pictures of maps from the game. If putting up pictures, use <gallery> </gallery> for uniform formatting.


Use <gallery> </gallery> to display the pictures in a table. Keep images focussed on the subject matter without too many other characters, items and objects. Allowed images are:

  • Screenshots of first person models
  • Weapon skins
  • Blueprints
  • Artwork (you must credit the artist on the image page using Template:File Information.)

See Also

Links should be listed using bullet points.

  • You may, alternatively, use iconmini for some links (such as linking other items to display the tooltip). Links in the section should be somewhat related to the article, but have not been linked anywhere else in the article. Do not clog the section with too many links if the category provides the same links.

External Links

Links should be listed using bullet points.

  • There are no strict guidelines on what kind of off-wiki links may be included in this section, as long it is related to the article and it does not constitute spam. Their inclusion (and removal) depends on the situation.


Add <references/> when at least one <ref> </ref> has been used within the article. The wiki will automatically list the references.

For more information on how to format references, see the help page on Wikipedia.


This is where any navboxes go, with a few exceptions (for example, a page that has no information other than a really long infobox, pushing all other content out of sight).


Avoid clogging the article with categories of subcategories. Always use the lowest subcategory possible and don't use any supercategories above a subcategory that is already listed.

To make the article sort different than the page name, you may use {{DEFAULTSORT:}}. If you want the article to appear at the top of the category page.

For more information on categories, see the help page on Wikipedia.


If the page exists in another language, you are welcome to add it.