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This is a character page layout which is encouraged to use for all character articles on the wiki.

Lead Section

The lead section is anything included before the table of contents and/or the article content. With the exception of the introductory text, they are optional depending on the situation, and must follow this order:

  1. Disambiguation links if there is another article of the same name, or may be confused with another.
  2. Article maintenance tags Alternatively, the maintenance tags can be included within a specific section of the article, with the exception of "stub" which must always be present in the lead section.
  3. Infobox/transformer template. They are generally wrapped in only include tags.
    • The infobox information should comply with the following:
      • An image, see the editing guidelines for our general rules.
      • Biographical Information, Physical Information, Family information (if any), Faction Information (if any), and details on appearances in other Cyberpunk sources.
  4. Short introductory text, including the character name in Bold followed by information about which source the character appears in and any relevant information about them.
    • Example: Goro Takemura is the former personal bodyguard of Saburo Arasaka. He is a stoic man of honor and fiercely loyal to Arasaka, but finds himself betrayed and out of his element in Night City.
    • Example: Hideyoshi Oshima is a character featured in Cyberpunk 2077.
  5. Table of contents which generally appears after the lead, provided there is more than four headings. If the page is lone but does not have any table of contents, you may manually add it with ___TOC___.


The Biography section is the history of the character. The Biography should be written in the past tense as it has already happened, and not as a quest walkthrough. Depending on the information available of the character, the Biography can be written into sub-sections; Early Life, 2013, 2020s, 2045, 2070s, and 2077.

If the character's history changes depending on the actions of V (The player character). Please use Template:Condition and make sure to indent using a colon (:) in the source editor like below. Example:

If V killed Mikoto during Big Trouble in Little Tokyo:

This would then proceed as the biography in past tense, describing the events of Mikoto's death and what happened after. In this case Mikoto was killed by V as instructed by Arasaka, the merc was later payed in full what was promised.

If V saved Mikoto during Big Trouble in Little Tokyo:

This would show the other outcome of V's choice with Mikoto if she was saved. Do this as many times as needed, if there are multiple choices regarding the characters.

If V followed Mikoto's plan:
When another choice followed the prior choice made for the said character, then double indent the choice underneath (using :: ) to indicate it's only shown if the choice above is made. Keep adding : for more nesting choices.

Database Entry

This is where to put the complete database entry for a character as it appears in Cyberpunk 2077. To do so, use the Template:DBChar template.


This section is used for the equipment that characters will often use in the TTRPG or video game. Generally this section will use tables that are each indicated by the game they appear in. Please list all equipment that is listed by the character.

Cyberpunk 2020
Type Products
Cyberware Light tattoo, basic processor, Kerenzikov level 2, chipware socket, interface plugs, data term link, smartgun link, contraceptive implant, muscle and bone lace, rippers, basic cyberoptic, colorshift, image enhancement, targeting scope, Times Square Marquee.
Armaments SP 10 armored bodysuit, Low Lite goggles, smartchipped Arasaka WSA pistol with three magazines, headset radio, monoknife, 9 throwing stars with poison (3D6 toxin damage). SP 12 Bodysuit, smartchipped Arasaka WSA pistol, smartchipped Arasaka WMA Minami 10 with suppressor, monoknife, smart-goggles with low-lite, antidazzle, thermograph, headset radio, Militech M96 Ghostsuit, 15 "ninja" smoke pellets, 1 flash-bang grenade.
Cyberpunk 2077
Type Products
Outfit Saburo's Dog Tag
Weapons Satori


Notes should be listed using bullet lists. This includes things related to the game in some way.

  • Anything that is not a trivia or a bug goes here

Behind the Scenes

Excerpts from official books or other media, such as the Digital Artbook. Using the Block Quote template is encouraged.

Using this template to properly source the information exactly as it is said is important. as well as a direct source from where it is from.


Trivia should be listed using bullet points. This includes anything not related to the game (like easter egg examples would go here, developer details, etc.).

  • Anything that is not a note or bug goes here
    • Do not list real world look-a-like people information


Use <gallery> </gallery> to display the pictures in a table. Keep images focused on the subject matter without too many other characters, items and objects. Please do not take images with personal V. Preferred images are: ⦁ Screenshots of the character in neutral background ⦁ Important scenes with the character ⦁ Different outfits ⦁ Artwork


Add <references/> when at least one <ref> </ref> has been used within the article. The wiki will automatically list the references. Referencing is a must on this wiki. All pages need to be referenced at the very bottom of the page under the References heading. All referencing must be done using the Template:RefCP template. If a reference is missing, contact an administrator.

There is no need to reference the specific page or article, a generic book reference shall cover it all by citing the book itself (not pasting in sentences from the books). Make sure to add all books you are referencing in information comes from multiple sources.

Important! Due to R. Talsorian Games' wishes, do NOT copy/paste sections of their books here.

For more information on how to format references, see the help page on Wikipedia.

Avoid clogging the article with categories of subcategories. Always use the lowest subcategory possible and don't use any supercategories above a subcategory that is already listed.

To make the article sort different than the page name, you may use {{DEFAULTSORT:}}. If you want the article to appear at the top of the category page.

For more information on categories, see the help page on Wikipedia.

If the page exists in another language, you are welcome to add it.