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This page lists all side jobs in Cyberpunk 2077 grouped by chapter and then alphabetically. Each job will only appear in the chapter where it starts, even if the job persists through more than one chapter. To see a job walkthrough, click on the job name.

District Icon 2077 Badlands.png Badlands

Job Name Sub-District(s) Location(s) Quest Giver Enemies
Epistrophy: Badlands Red Peaks Delamain n/a
Following the River Red Peaks Trailer park River Ward n/a
I'll Fly Away Rocky Ridge Nomad Camp Mitch Anderson n/a
Little China
Municipal landfill
Automatic (if shard was decrypted)
Nix (if shard wasn't decrypted)
Meetings Along The Edge Jackson Plains Zen Master n/a
Murk Man Returns Again Once More Forever Rocky Ridge n/a
Pyramid Song Laguna Bend Abandoned lake dwelling
Laguna Bend ruins
Judy Alvarez n/a
Queen of the Highway Rocky Ridge Mobile Camp
Nomad Camp
Automatic Raffen Shiv
Riders on the Storm Rocky Ridge
Sierra Sonora
Wraith Camp
Ingalls' farm
Panam Palmer Wraiths
The Beast in Me: Badlands Laguna Bend
Jackson Plains
Dam Claire Russell n/a
These Boots Are Made for Walkin' Red Peaks Landfill Thorton Galena 80845 n/a
With a Little Help from My Friends Rocky Ridge Mobile Camp
CORP-BUD train station
Panam Palmer Militech

District Icon 2077 City Center.png City Center

Job Name Sub-District(s) Location(s) Quest Giver Enemies
Boat Drinks Downtown Gold Beach Marina
Highway 101
Kerry Eurodyne n/a
Bullets Downtown Jinguji Zane Jagger Cyberpsycho
Imagine The Glen Reconciliation Park Zen master n/a
The Beast in Me: City Center Vista del Rey Claire Russell n/a

District Icon 2077 Heywood.png Heywood

Job Name Sub-District(s) Location(s) Quest Giver Enemies
Beat on the Brat: The Glen The Glen Coach Fred César Diego Ruiz
Don't Lose Your Mind Vista del Rey Delamain HQ Delamain n/a
Epistrophy Vista del Rey Delamain n/a
Epistrophy: The Glen The Glen Delamain n/a
Epistrophy: Wellsprings Wellsprings Delamain Divergent Delamain
Heroes The Glen El Coyote Cojo,
Jackie's Garage
Mama Welles n/a
I Fought the Law The Glen
Vista del Rey
Charter Hill
Chubby Buffalo's BBQ
Red Queen's Race
Peralezes' Apartment
Elizabeth Peralez Tyger Claws (optional)
Only Pain Vista del Rey NCPD
Raymond Chandler Evening The Glen
Vista del Rey
El Coyote Cojo Pepe Najarro Valentinos (optional)
Small Man, Big Mouth The Glen Kirk Sawyer n/a
The Hunt The Glen
Red Peaks
Rocky Ridge
Trailer park
Edgewood Farm
River Ward n/a

District Icon 2077 Pacifica.png Pacifica

Job Name Sub-District(s) Location(s) Quest Giver Enemies
Beat on the Brat: Pacifica Grand Imperial Mall Coach Fred Ozob Bozo
Epistrophy: Coastview Coastview Delamain Maelstrom
Love Rollercoaster Coastview Jean Rochelin n/a

District Icon 2077 Santo Domingo.png Santo Domingo

Job Name Sub-District(s) Location(s) Quest Giver Enemies
A Day In The Life Arroyo Darrell Zhou Brad Stacy (dependent)
Vance Noren (dependent)
A Like Supreme Arroyo Red Dirt Bes Isis n/a
Beat on the Brat: Arroyo Arroyo Coach Fred Buck Arnold
6th Street members (dependent)
Beat on the Brat: Rancho Coronado Rancho Coronado Coach Fred Rhino
Epistrophy: Rancho Coronado Rancho Coronado Delamain Flamingos
Ezekiel Saw the Wheel Arroyo Diner Owner Gangers (optional)
Gun Music Arroyo Automatic Scavengers (dependent)
Rebel! Rebel! Rancho Coronado Kerry Eurodyne n/a
Sex On Wheels Rancho Coronado Jake Estevez n/a
Sinnerman Arroyo Wakako Okada n/a
Space Oddity Rancho Coronado
Jackson Plains
Stadium Love Rancho Coronado Automatic n/a
The Beast In Me Arroyo Claire Russell n/a
The Beast in Me: Santo Domingo Arroyo
Rancho Coronado
Claire Russell n/a
The Highwayman Rancho Coronado Behind the Guns'O'Rama in Rancho Coronado East Automatic n/a
There Is A Light That Never Goes Out Rancho Coronado Gloria El-Ahmar's place
Joshua Stephenson n/a

District Icon 2077 Watson.png Watson

Job Name Sub-District(s) Location(s) Quest Giver Enemies
A Cool Metal Fire Little China Afterlife
Cassius Ryder's Clinic
Sunset Motel
Johnny Silverhand n/a
Beat on the Brat Little China Megabuilding H10 Coach Fred Training Robot
Razor Hugh
Beat on the Brat: Kabuki Kabuki Coach Fred n/a
Big in Japan Little China Afterlife, Kabuki, Northside Dennis Cranmer Tyger Claws
Blistering Love Little China Afterlife Johnny Silverhand n/a
Both Sides, Now Kabuki Judy's apartment Judy Alvarez n/a
Burning Desire / Night Moves Little China
Jesse Johnson n/a
Chippin' In Little China
Northern Oilfields
Johnny Silverhand Maelstrom
Jeremiah Grayson
Epistrophy: Northside Northside Delamain n/a
Every Breath You Take Kabuki Blue Moon n/a
Fool on the Hill n/a
Fortunate Son Little China Little China hospital Bob Sagan NCPD
Full Disclosure Little China Sandra Dorsett Sandra Dorsett (dependent)
Turrets (dependent)
Happy Together Little China Megabuilding H10
Barry Lewis's apartment
NCPD n/a
Human Nature Little China Megabuilding H10 garage
Delamain HQ
Automatic n/a
I Don't Wanna Hear It Little China Riot Kerry Eurodyne n/a
Machine Gun Kabuki Skippy n/a
Paid in Full Little China Viktor's clinic Viktor Vektor n/a
Psycho Killer Kabuki Regina Jones n/a
Sacrum Profanum / Losing My Religion Northside Cargo Bay
Abandoned Warehouse
Bhikkhu Maelstrom
Second Conflict Northside Totentanz
Denny's mansion
Johnny Silverhand n/a
Shoot To Thrill Little China 2nd Amendment Robert Wilson n/a
Spellbound Little China
Charter Hill
Afterlife Nix n/a
Talkin' 'bout a Revolution Kabuki Judy's apartment Judy Alvarez n/a
The Gift Kabuki Kabuki Roundabout T-Bug n/a
The Gun Little China 2nd Amendment Robert Wilson n/a
The Prophet's Song Urmland Street
Garry the Prophet Maelstrom
Tune Up Little China Megabuilding H10 garage
Delamain HQ
Delamain n/a
Venus in Furs Kabuki No-Tell Motel Meredith Stout n/a
Violence Kabuki
Little China
No-Tell Motel
Lizzy Wizzy n/a
War Pigs Kabuki Frank Nostra n/a

District Icon 2077 Westbrook.png Westbrook

Job Name Sub-District(s) Location(s) Quest Giver Enemies
Coin Operated Boy Japantown
The Glen
Megabuilding H8 Theo Price n/a
Dream On Charter Hill
Corpo Plaza
Elizabeth Peralez Maelstrom
Epistrophy: North Oak North Oak Delamain n/a
Ex-Factor Japantown Clouds Judy Alvarez Oswald Forrest (optional)
Holdin' On North Oak Villa Eurodyne Johnny Silverhand n/a
I Can See Clearly Now Japantown Megabuilding H8 Brendan n/a
Off the Leash Dark Matter Kerry Eurodyne n/a
Pisces Japantown Megabuilding H8 Judy Alvarez Tyger Claws
Hiromi Sato (dependent)
Maiko Maeda (dependent)
Poem Of The Atoms North Oak Zen master n/a
Send in the Clowns Japantown Cherry Blossom Market Ozob Bozo Tyger Claws
Spray Paint Japantown Megabuilding H8 Brendan Vandal
Stairway To Heaven Japantown Zen master n/a
Sweet Dreams Japantown Stefan Scavengers
The Ballad of Buck Ravers Japantown Automatic n/a
The Beast in Me: The Big Race Charter Hill Claire Russell n/a
The Gig Japantown Jig-Jig Street Wakako Okada n/a
They Won't Go When I Go Japantown Fourth Wall Studios Rachel Casich n/a