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Main Quests or Main Jobs are quests that follow the main story in Cyberpunk 2077 and Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty. The quests are ordered by act, and then by the order in which they are normally started within the act, but can be sorted alphabetically for searching.

Each quest will only appear in the act in which it starts, even if the job persists through more than one single act. To see a job walkthrough, click on the job name.


The prologue takes place in 2076 and establishes V's background, consisting of a several basic tasks which also act as tutorials for a number of gameplay elements. The first three prologue jobs listed below are mutually exclusive, and the one which you play will depend on which lifepath that was chosen during character customization. All three prologues introduce V to the Night City Mercenary named Jackie Welles.

Title Location(s) Lifepath BaseID
The Corpo-Rat Corpo q000_corpo
The Nomad Nomad q000_nomad
The Streetkid Streetkid q000_street_kid

Act 1[]

Act 1 begins after finishing the prologue, a 6-month montage is played, in which Jackie Welles and V acquaint themselves with Night City and are starting to make a name for themselves, eventually leading them to a Scavenger Den in Japantown, on a gig for Westbrook Fixer Wakako Okada.

Title Location(s) Quest giver BaseID
Practice Makes Perfect [optional]
  • Virtual Reality
T-Bug q000_tutorial
The Rescue Wakako Okada q001_intro
The Ripperdoc Jackie Welles q001_01_victor
The Ride Jackie Welles q001_02_dex
The Pickup Dexter DeShawn q003_maelstrom
The Information Dexter DeShawn q004_braindance
The Heist Dexter DeShawn q005_heist

Playing in Act 1 limits V to the Watson district.


The interlude occurs between the end of Act 1 and start of Act 2, directly after V is shot in the head by Dexter DeShawn, and is played from the perspective of Johnny Silverhand in the year 2023.

During the interlude, the regular in-game map and inventory are unavailable.

Title Location(s) Quest giver BaseID
Love Like Fire Johnny Silverhand q101_01_firestorm

Act 2[]

Act 2 begins after V recovered from their injury. At this point, the entirety of Night City becomes available for exploration and free-roam activities.

Title Location(s) Quest giver BaseID
Playing for Time Johnny Silverhand q101_resurrection
Tapeworm Johnny Silverhand sq032_tapeworm

After talking with Goro Takemura, the main quest branches off into multiple quests that requires you to investigate other paths.

  • The section of the main quest Tapeworm will automatically be triggered after completing any of the paths. After Tapeworm has been completed, Act 3 will automatically start.
Anders Hellman
Title Location(s) Quest giver BaseID
Ghost Town Goro Takemura q103_warhead
Lightning Breaks Panam Palmer q104_01_sabotage
Life During Wartime Panam Palmer q104_02_av_chase
Evelyn Parker
Title Location(s) Quest giver BaseID
Automatic Love Goro Takemura q105_dollhouse
The Space in Between Judy Álvarez q105_02_jigjig
Disasterpiece Judy Álvarez q105_03_braindance_studio
Double Life Judy Álvarez q105_04_judys
Alt Cunningham
Title Location(s) Quest giver BaseID
M'ap Tann Pèlen Mr. Hands q110_01_voodoo_boys
I Walk the Line Placide q110_voodoo
Transmission Brigitte q110_03_cyberspace
Never Fade Away Johnny Silverhand q108_johnny
Goro Takemura
Title Location(s) Quest giver BaseID
Down on the Street Goro Takemura q112_01_old_friend
Gimme Danger Goro Takemura q112_02_industrial_park
Play It Safe Goro Takemura q112_03_dashi_parade
Search and Destroy Goro Takemura q112_04_hideout

Act 3[]

Act 3 begins after ending Tapeworm. You are now able to visit Hanako Arasaka at Embers during Nocturne Op55N1. This quest contains the Point of No Return for the main story. Once you use the elevator to enter Embers, any other quests in the journal will be marked as failed, and you will no longer be able to free-roam Night City. The jobs that follow are determined by dialogue option choices.

Hanako Arasaka[]

Title Location(s) Quest giver BaseID
Last Caress Hanako Arasaka q113_rescuing_hanako
Totalimmortal Hanako Arasaka q113_corpo


Title Location(s) Quest giver BaseID
We Gotta Live Together Panam Palmer q114_01_nomad_initiation
Forward to Death Panam Palmer q114_02_maglev_line_assault
Belly of the Beast Panam Palmer q114_03_attack_on_arasaka_tower
Changes Alt Cunningham q116_cyberspace

The Afterlife[]

Title Location(s) Quest giver BaseID
For Whom the Bell Tolls Rogue Amendiares q115_afterlife
Knockin' on Heaven's Door Rogue Amendiares q115_rogues_last_flight
Changes Alt Cunningham q116_cyberspace

Secret Ending[]

This path is only available if you chose the correct dialogue options during the side quest Chippin' In, requiring you to have given Johnny Silverhand a second chance.

Title Location(s) Quest giver BaseID
(Don't Fear) The Reaper Johnny Silverhand 09_solo
Changes Alt Cunningham q116_cyberspace


Main article: Endings

There are four epilogues in the base game and one epilogue in Phantom Liberty that can be obtained depending on which path you choose during Nocturne Op55N1, and later during Changes.

The Devil[]

Main article: The Devil
Title Location(s) Quest giver BaseID
Where is My Mind? Automatic



The Sun[]

Main article: The Sun
Title Location(s) Quest giver BaseID
All Along the Watchtower

Panam Palmer


The Star[]

Main article: The Star
Title Location(s) Quest giver BaseID
Path of Glory




Main article: Temperance
Title Location(s) Quest giver BaseID
New Dawn Fades Johnny Silverhand q204_reborn

The Tower Phantom Liberty[]

This ending requires completing Phantom Liberty either with King of Swords or King of Pentacles. This is the only option that doesn't require starting Nocturne Op55N1, or even Act 3 at all.

Title Location(s) Quest giver BaseID
Who Wants to Live Forever

Solomon Reed

Things Done Changed



Phantom Liberty Phantom Liberty[]

A quest to track your progress until you can start the Phantom Liberty expansion starts after completing Love Like Fire, that is named after the expansion itself, and requires you to have completed Evelyn Parker and Alt Cunningham's investigations in Act 2.

After completing Transmission, V will be contacted by an unknown caller asking them to go to Dogtown, with the promise of knowing a way to save V's life, starting Phantom Liberty's quest path.

Title Location(s) Quest giver BaseID
Phantom Liberty Johnny Silverhand q300_phantom_liberty
Dog Eat Dog Songbird q301_crash
Hole in the Sky Songbird q301_finding_myers
Spider and the Fly Songbird q301_q302_rescue_myers
Lucretia My Reflection Rosalind Myers q302_reed
The Damned Solomon Reed q303_baron
Get It Together Solomon Reed q303_hands
You Know My Name Solomon Reed q303_songbird
Birds with Broken Wings Solomon Reed q304_stadium
I've Seen That Face Before Solomon Reed q304_netrunners
Firestarter Solomon Reed q304_deal

After Firestarter, the quest line will branch depending on whom V decided to side with.

Solomon Reed's Path[]

This path opens up by choosing to side with Solomon Reed during Firestarter.

Title Location(s) Quest giver BaseID
Black Steel In The Hour of Chaos Solomon Reed q305_prison_convoy
Somewhat Damaged Solomon Reed q305_bunker
Leave in Silence Solomon Reed q305_border_crossing
Four Score and Seven Solomon Reed q305_reed_epilogue
This Corrosion Unknown Number q305_postcontent

Songbird's Path[]

This path opens up by choosing to side with Songbird during Firestarter. Later on, another decision will be made which determines the epilogue for this specific path.

Title Location(s) Quest giver BaseID
The Killing Moon Songbird q306_devils_bargain
If V surrenders Songbird to Reed
Through Pain to Heaven Solomon Reed q306_reed_epilogue
If V helps Songbird to escape
Unfinished Sympathy Alena Xenakis q306_somi_epilogue
From Her to Eternity Songbird q306_postcontent


  • During early development of Cyberpunk 2077, it was decided to name the quests after songs, choosing which name was best depending on the quest's motif. Not only this, but the chosen songs were music Johnny Silverhand would've liked. This is why the earliest quests in the game, before meeting Johnny, have generic names instead of song ones.[1]