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This page lists all main jobs in Cyberpunk 2077 first by act, and then by the order in which they are normally started within the act, but can be sorted alphabetically for searching.

Each job will only appear in the act in which it starts, even if the job persists through more than one act. To see a job walkthrough, click on the job name.


The prologue establishes V's background, and consists of a few basic jobs which also act as tutorials for a number of gameplay elements. The first three prologue jobs listed below are mutually exclusive, and the one which you play will depend on which Lifepath was chosen during Character Creation.

During the prologue, your ability to explore Night City is extremely limited, being constrained solely to the areas where the jobs take place.

Name Location(s) Lifepath
The Nomad Yucca, Dry Creek's farm, Border crossing, Biotechnica Flats Nomad
The Streetkid El Coyote Cojo, Embers Streetkid
The Corpo-Rat Arasaka Tower, Lizzie's Bar Corpo
Practice Makes Perfect VR Any
The Rescue Unnamed Japantown apartment building, V's apartment Any

Act 1

Act 1 begins when V first visits their apartment, after having rescued Sandra Dorsett from a group of Scavengers, and mainly consists of setting up and executing a heist to steal an experimental biochip from Yorinobu Arasaka.

At this point, free-roam activities become available, but V is limited to exploring the Watson District only. Attempting to leave this area will cause the game to return you to it automatically.

Name Location(s) Quest Giver
The Ripperdoc Megabuilding H10, Misty's Esoterica, Viktor's clinic Jackie Welles
The Ride Misty's Esoterica, Dex's limo Jackie Welles
The Information Lizzie's Bar Dexter DeShawn
The Pickup All Foods Plant Dexter DeShawn
The Heist Afterlife, Konpeki Plaza, No-Tell Motel Dexter DeShawn


The interlude begins after V is shot in the head by Dexter DeShawn, and is played from the perspective of Johnny Silverhand in the year 2023.

During the interlude, the regular in-game map and inventory are unavailable.

Name Location(s) Path
Love Like Fire The Hammer, Arasaka Tower Johnny Silverhand

Act 2

Act 2 begins after V recovers from their injury. At this point, the entirety of Night City becomes available for exploration and free-roam activities.

Name Location(s) Path
Playing for Time Municipal landfill, Viktor's clinic, V's apartment, Tom's Diner Goro Takemura
Automatic Love Lizzie's Bar, Clouds Evelyn Parker
The Space in Between Jig-Jig Street Evelyn Parker
Disasterpiece Jig-Jig Street, Electric Corporation power plant Evelyn Parker
Double Life Judy's Apartment Evelyn Parker
M'ap Tann Pèlen Pacifica Chapel, Batty's Hotel Soulkiller
I Walk the Line Batty's Hotel, Grand Imperial Mall Soulkiller
Transmission Pacifica Serenity Bible Church, Maglev Tunnels, The Net (Blackwall) Soulkiller
Never Fade Away
(occurs during Transmission)
The Hammer, Ripperdoc Clinic, The Atlantis, Arasaka Tower Johnny Silverhand
Ghost Town Afterlife, Rail freight yard, Mobile Camp, Rocky Ridge town, Sunset Motel Anders Hellman
Lightning Breaks Sunset Motel, Solar Power Station, Badlands Anders Hellman
Life During Wartime Badlands, Regional Airport, Fuel Station, Sunset Motel Anders Hellman
Down on the Street Japantown Docks, Jig-Jig Street Goro Takemura
Gimme Danger Redwood Market, Arasaka Industrial Park Goro Takemura
Play It Safe Redwood Market Goro Takemura
Search and Destroy Takemura's Hideout Goro Takemura
(occurs during Automatic Love, Life During Wartime, Transmission and Search and Destroy)
Megabuilding H8, Sunset Motel, Pacifica Chapel, Hotel Pistis Sophia Johnny Silverhand

Act 3

Act 3 begins with Nocturne Op55N1, which contains the point of no return for the main story. Once you use the elevator to enter Embers, any other quests in the journal will be marked as failed, and you will no longer be able to free-roam Night City. The job that follows is determined by dialogue option choices. Jobs that are mutually exclusive to each other after Nocturne Op55N1 are bolded for clarity. The jobs following these are also exclusive to their initial bolded job.

Name Location(s) Path
Nocturne Op55N1 Embers, Viktor's clinic, Misty's Esoterica Any
Last Caress Arasaka Estate The Devil
Totalimmortal Arasaka Tower, Mikoshi The Devil
For Whom the Bell Tolls Afterlife, The Net The Sun
Knockin' on Heaven's Door Arasaka Tower, Mikoshi The Sun
We Gotta Live Together Nomad Camp, The Net The Star
Forward to Death Nomad Camp, Badlands The Star
Belly of the Beast Badlands, Arasaka Tower, Mikoshi The Star
(Don't Fear) The Reaper Arasaka Tower, Mikoshi Secret Ending
(occurs after Knockin' on Heaven's Door, Belly of the Beast or (Don't Fear) The Reaper)
The Net The Sun, The Star, Temperance


Main article: Endings

There are four main endings to the story that can be obtained depending on which path you choose during Nocturne Op55N1, and later during Changes.

Name Location(s) Path
Where is My Mind? Arasaka Orbital Station The Devil
Path of Glory V's penthouse, Afterlife, Crystal Palace's orbit The Sun
All Along the Watchtower Dam, Badlands The Star
New Dawn Fades West Wind Apartments, Time Machine, Columbarium Temperance


  • During early development of Cyberpunk 2077, it was decided to name the quests after songs, choosing which name was best depending on the quest's motif. Not only this, but the chosen songs were music Johnny Silverhand would've liked. This is why the earliest quests in the game, before meeting Johnny, have generic names instead of song ones.[1]