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This page lists all Cyberpunk 2077 gigs by each district. A separate table is added for cyberpsycho specific quests that are given by Regina Jones.


Each gig has an associated fixer, who represents the client for the job, and an associated tier, which determines the minimum level of street cred you must have for the job to become available. These vary by district according to the following table:

District Fixer Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4
Badlands Dakota Smith 1 5 11 18
City Center Dino Dinovic 1 9 18 32
Heywood Sebastian Ibarra 1 13 22 30
Pacifica Mr. Hands 1 12 32 43
Santo Domingo Muamar Reyes 1 21 38 50
Watson Regina Jones 1 4 8 15
Westbrook Wakako Okada 1 10 20 35


These are all given by Badlands's fixer, Dakota Smith.

Title Type Objective Subdistrict
Big Pete's Got Big Problems Gun for Hire Get rid of Big Pete - a mechanic with the Wraiths. Jackson Plains
Gig: Dancing on a Minefield Special Delivery Retrieve the abandoned car from the minefield and deliver it to Dakota Vasquez Pass
Flying Drugs Agent Saboteur Eliminate cause for drone disappearance Red Peaks
Gig: Goodbye, Night City SOS: Merc Needed Rescue Bruce Welby Jackson Plains
Gig: MIA SOS: Merc Needed Find Benedict McAdams Biotechnica Flats
Gig: No Fixers SOS: Merc Needed Rescue Iris Tanner Rocky Ridge
Gig: Radar Love Thievery Steal mobile radar station, model P9D/2.161 Rocky Ridge
Gig: Sparring Partner Thievery Retrieve data from broken training bot Red Peaks
Gig: Trevor's Last Ride SOS: Merc Needed Find Trevor's remains and deliver them to his family Biotechnica Flats

City Center[]

These are all given by City Center's fixer, Dino Dinovic.

Title Type Objective Subdistrict
A Lack of Empathy Agent Saboteur Upload a virus to Empathy's subnet Corpo Plaza
An Inconvenient Killer Gun for Hire Neutralize Jack Mausser Downtown
Guinea Pigs Gun for Hire Eliminate Joanne Koch Downtown
Serial Suicide Thievery Steal CCTV footage Corpo Plaza
The Frolics of Councilwoman Cole Thievery Steal recordings of Eva Cole Downtown


These are all given by Heywood's fixer, Sebastian Ibarra, except Gig: Hot Merchandise, which is given by Rogue Amendiares.

Title Type Objective Subdistrict
Gig: Bring Me the Head of Gustavo Orta Gun for Hire Vista del Rey
Corpo Plaza
Gig: Eye for an Eye Gun for Hire The Glen
Fifth Column Thievery Steal data on Javier Alvarado's embezzlement activity The Glen
Gig: Going Up or Down? Thievery Scandium rods The Glen
Hot Merchandise Gun for Hire Neutralize Rebeca Price Wellsprings
Gig: Jeopardy Search and Recover Shard with daemon program Vista del Rey
The Glen
Gig: Life's Work Search and Recover Upload a virus and retrieve Jake Estevez's custom car The Glen
Gig: Old Friends Gun for Hire Vista del Rey
On a Tight Leash Gun for Hire Neutralize José Luis Wellsprings
Gig: Psychofan Thievery The Glen
Gig: Sr. Ladrillo's Private Collection Thievery Steal data from a computer Vista del Rey
Gig: The Lord Giveth and Taketh Away Search and Recover Retrieve the Militech car purchased by the nomads Wellsprings


These are all given by Pacifica's fixer, Mr. Hands.

Title Type Objective Subdistrict
Dogtown Saints Rescue Anthony Anderson Dogtown
Heaviest of Hearts Complete assignment from Michael Maldonado Dogtown
Prototype in the Scraper Retrieve a prototype implant and its schematics Dogtown
Roads to Redemption Thwart a terrorist attack Dogtown
Spy in the Jungle Find Mark Bana Dogtown
Talent Academy Acquire Fiona Vargas' clients' data Dogtown
The Man Who Killed Jason Foreman Neutralize Leon Rinder Dogtown
Treating Symptoms Eliminate Milko Alexis Dogtown
Two Wrongs Makes Us Right Thievery Steal the vehicle hauling Animals' medical supplies West Wind Estate
Waiting for Dodger Extract NCPD officers from Dodger's base Coastview

Santo Domingo[]

These are all given by Santo Domingo's fixer, Muamar Reyes, except Gig: The Union Strikes Back, which is given by Rogue Amendiares.

Title Type Objective Subdistrict
Breaking News Agent Saboteur Deliver van Rancho Coronado
Cuckoo's Nest SOS: Merc Needed Jasmine Dixon Rancho Coronado
Desperate Measures Thievery Steal an automated Zetatech vehicle Arroyo
Error 404 Agent Saboteur Bring down propaganda machine slandering Weldon Holt Rancho Coronado
Family Matters Search and Recover Retrieve the Zetatech data Juliet Horrigan owes El Capitán Rancho Coronado
For My Son Gun for Hire Rancho Coronado
Going-away Party SOS: Merc Needed Rescue Flavio dos Santos Rancho Coronado
Hacking the Hacker Agent Saboteur Infect 6th Street computer with a virus Arroyo
Nasty Hangover Search and Recover Retrieve Kang Tao shard stolen from Karl Ginsky Arroyo
Race to the Top Thievery Arroyo
Serious Side Effects Search and Recover Retrieve a container containing beta acid Arroyo
Severance Package Thievery Retrieve Rihanna Kumar's Cytech research Arroyo
The Union Strikes Back Gun for Hire Vic Vega Rancho Coronado


There are 23 gigs given by Watson's fixer, Regina Jones.

Title Type Objective Subdistrict
Gig: Backs Against the Wall Search and Recover Recovered stolen medicine Kabuki
Gig: Bloodsport SOS: Merc Needed Roh Chi-Won Little China
Gig: Catch a Tyger's Toe Agent Saboteur Upload b@d's malware Northside
Concrete Cage Trap SOS: Merc Needed Rescue Tiny Mike from the Militech raid Kabuki
Gig: Dirty Biz Thievery Get the raw BD of the murder of Bryce Stone's son Northside
Fixer, Merc, Soldier, Spy Thievery Steal Mikhail Akulov's datashard Kabuki
Gig: Flight of the Cheetah SOS: Merc Needed Northside
Gig: Freedom of the Press SOS: Merc Needed Rescue Max and bring him to me Northside
Gig: Hippocratic Oath SOS: Merc Needed Rescue Lucy Thackery from Maelstrom captivity Northside
Gig: Last Login Thievery Steal Alois Daquin's laptop Kabuki
Gig: Lousy Kleppers Thievery Steal the databank with the transport route data from Malorian Ltd. Northside
Many Ways to Skin a Cat Thievery Steal a Revere Courier Service van Northside
Monster Hunt Gun for Hire Kabuki
Gig: Occupational Hazard SOS: Merc Needed Northside
Gig: Playing for Keeps Search and Recover Jacob Lamb's implant Little China
Rite of Passage Thievery Steal a recording of Maelstrom's initiation rite Northside
Gig: Scrolls before Swine Thievery Northside
Gig: Small Man, Big Evil Gun for Hire Kabuki
Gig: The Heisenberg Principle Agent Saboteur Destroy the glitter lab Little China
Gig: Troublesome Neighbors Gun fore Hire Kabuki
Gig: Welcome to America, Comrade Agent Saboteur Place GPS tracker on Mikhail Akulov's car Kabuki
Gig: Woman of La Mancha Gun for Hire Force Anna Hamill to drop her police investigation Kabuki


These are all given by Westbrook's fixer, Wakako Okada, except Gig: Family Heirloom, which is given by Rogue Amendiares.

Title Type Objective Subdistrict
A Shrine Defiled Agent Saboteur Place a wiretap in a Tyger Claw-controlled shrine North Oak
Family Heirloom Search and Recover Rare, bootleg Samurai recording Charter Hill
Getting Warmer... SOS: Merc Needed Rescue netrunner from Tyger Claws Japantown
Greed Never Pays Search and Recovery Retrieve Leah Gladen's lockbreaker device Japantown
Olive Branch Special Delivery Meet with Sergei Karasinsky and deliver his gift to the designated address Japantown
Tyger and Vulture Thievery Steal Vortex's credchip Charter Hill
Until Death Do Us Part Thievery Steal the shard with Emilio Gutierrez's depositary receipts Charter Hill
Wakako's Favorite SOS: Merc Needed Locate netrunner Chang-Hoon Nam, 65 years old, regular associate Japantown
We Have Your Wife SOS: Merc Needed Rescue Lauren Costigan from the Tyger Claws Japantown

Cyberpsycho Sightings[]

There are 17 cyberpsycho gigs which are all given by Regina Jones, regardless of the region they're located in. They become available after starting the Psycho Killer job. Note that, although they're classified as gigs in the in-game journal, they use the side job icon on the in-game map.

Title District Subdistrict Enemies
Bloody Ritual Watson Northside Zaria Hughes
Demons of War Watson Kabuki Matt Liaw
Discount Doc Santo Domingo Rancho Coronado Chase Coley
House on a Hill Badlands Rocky Ridge Russel Greene
Letter of the Law Heywood Wellsprings Gaston Phillips
Lex Talionis Pacifica Coastview Ben DeBaillon
Lt. Mower Watson Kabuki Lt. Mower
On Deaf Ears City Center Downtown Cedric Muller
Phantom of Night City City Center Corpo Plaza Norio Akuhara
Seaside Cafe Heywood Wellsprings Dao Hyunh
Second Chances Badlands Vasquez Pass Zion Wylde
Six Feet Under Watson Northside Lely Hein
Smoke on the Water Pacifica Coastview Diego Ramirez
The Wasteland Badlands Rocky Ridge Euralio Alma
Ticket to the Major Leagues Watson Little China Alec Johnson
Under the Bridge Santo Domingo Arroyo Tamara Cosby
Where the Bodies Hit the Floor Watson Northside Ellis Carter