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Crafting Specs are blueprints that the player may use to craft items in Cyberpunk 2077.


Crafting specs are usually purchased or looted.


Crafting requires specific components that can be purchased, looted, or acquired from disassembling items*. Quickhacking components may be acquired from Netrunners and Access Points. Upgrade components are required when upgrading existing items to a higher level.

List of Crafting Components[]

*Iconic crafting specs will also require a lower rarity variant of the weapon to be crafted.


Main article: Cyberpunk 2077 Crafting Specs/Weapons

Crafting specs for weapons may be acquired by looting bosses during Suspected Organized Crime Activities, or from Weapon Vendors.

Acquiring a Iconic weapon will automatically unlock the next in line rarity as a crafting spec if available. Crafting specs for upgrading them are not included in these tables.


Crafting Specs for Clothing may be acquired through Skill Progression Rewards for the Crafting tree or by buying them from Clothing Vendors. Picking up Iconic armor automatically adds rarity upgrade specs for the clothing.

Name Rarity Source
Cotton motorcycle cap with protective inset Tier 2 Crafting 2
Steel microplated kabuto Tier 3 Crafting 5
Boss Mafioso trilby with armored lining Tier 4 Crafting 7
Sandy Boa shock-absorbent headband Tier 5 Crafting 12

Name Rarity Source
Lightweight tungsten-steel BD wreath Tier 2 Crafting 2
Titanium-reinforced gas mask Tier 3 Crafting 5
Yamori tungsten-steel biker techgogs Tier 4 Crafting 7
Syn-leather plastic goggles Tier 5 Crafting 12

Name Rarity Source
Sturdy synfiber pleated pants Tier 2 Crafting 2
Venom Dye duolayer riding pants Tier 3 Crafting 5
Hēisè trilayer formal skirt Tier 4 Crafting 7
Composite Ko Jagā silk-threaded hotpants Tier 5 Crafting 12



Crafting specs for Weapon Modifications can be purchased from Weapon Vendors or found as loot from caches. The rarity at which some appear is determined by your Crafting skill.

Name Source €$
Combat Amplifier 7500
Crunch 2500+
Pacifier 2500+
Penetrator 2500+


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Crafting Specs for Clothing Modifications can only be found as loot from caches. The rarity at which some can appear is determined by the Crafting skill.

Name Source
Antivenom To be added.
Armadillo To be added.
Bully To be added.
Coolit To be added.
Cut-It-Out To be added.
Deadeye To be added.
Fortuna To be added.
Panacea To be added.
Predator To be added.
Soft-Sole To be added.
Resist! To be added.
Street Smart To be added.
Superinsulator Assault in Progress at Memorial Park, Corpo Plaza


Crafting specs for Cyberware Modifications can be purchased from Ripperdocs or found as loot from caches.

Name Source €$
Explosives Analysis Viktor Vektor 1125
Target Analysis Charles Bucks
Ripperdoc (Kabuki)
Threat Detector Ripperdoc (Downtown) 2250
Trajectory Analysis Viktor Vektor 5250

Name Source €$
Sensory Amplifier (Armor) Ripperdoc (Wellsprings) 13500
Sensory Amplifier (Crit Chance) Ripperdoc (Arroyo) 13500
Sensory Amplifier (Crit Damage) Viktor Vektor 13500
Sensory Amplifier (Health) Nina Kraviz 13500
Gorilla Arms
Name Source €$
Knuckles - Chemical Damage Octavio 7500
Knuckles - Electrical Damage Ripperdoc (Downtown) 7500
Knuckles - Physical Damage Cassius Ryder 7500
Knuckles - Thermal Damage Ripperdoc (Arroyo) 7500
Battery, Low-Capacity Ripperdoc (Japantown) 7500
Battery, Medium-Capacity Charles Bucks 11250
Battery, High-Capacity Nina Kraviz 11250
Mantis Blades
Name Source €$
Blade - Chemical Damage Robert Rainwater 10500
Blade - Electrical Damage Finn Gerstatt 10500
Blade - Physical Damage Ripperdoc (Aldecaldos) 10500
Blade - Thermal Damage Cassius Ryder 10500
Slow Rotor Finn Gerstatt 10500
Fast Rotor Robert Rainwater 15750
Name Source €$
Monowire - Chemical Damage Robert Rainwater 13500
Monowire - Electrical Damage Ripperdoc (Aldecaldos) 13500
Monowire - Physical Damage Ripperdoc (West Wind Estate) 13500
Monowire - Thermal Damage Nina Kraviz 13500
Monowire Battery, Low-Capacity Finn Gerstatt 13500
Monowire Battery, Medium-Capacity Ripperdoc (Wellsprings) 20250
Monowire Battery, High-Capacity Ripperdoc (West Wind Estate) 20250
Projectile Launch System
Name Source €$
Chemical Round Charles Bucks 13500
Electrical Round Octavio 13500
Explosive Round Finn Gerstatt 13500
Thermal Round Ripperdoc (Aldecaldos) 13500
Neoplastic Plating Robert Rainwater 13500
Metal Plating Cassius Ryder 13500
Titanium Plating Ripperdoc (Wellsprings) 20250


Crafting Specs for consumable items can be purchased from Meds Vendors or found in containers.

Name Source €$
Bounce Back Mk.I Known by default. N/A
Bounce Back Mk.II Any Meds Vendor (14 Street Cred) 15
Bounce Back Mk.III Any Meds Vendor (27 Street Cred) 30
MaxDoc Mk.I Known by default. N/A
MaxDoc Mk.II Any Meds Vendor (14 Street Cred) 30
MaxDoc Mk.III Any Meds Vendor (27 Street Cred) 45
Health Booster To be added. N/A
Stamina Booster To be added. N/A
RAM Jolt To be added. N/A
Oxy Booster Can be reliably found during The Heist. N/A


Crafting Specs for Quickhacks can be obtained by successfully completing the Expert Datamine in the Breach Protocol minigame, or purchased from Netrunner Vendors.