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The Cyberpunk 2077 - The Complete Official Guide is a complete game guide for Cyberpunk 2077 published by Piggyback Interactive.

Official Statement[]

Cyberpunk 2077 is a vast, open-ended game that offers freedom on a multitude of levels – from character development, to story, to gameplay, and beyond. That freedom is at the very heart of this book, which we designed with one priority in mind: facilitating informed decisions and enabling you, the player, to get the most out of your time in Night City. Compiled and crafted in association with the development team at CD PROJEKT RED, this guide is your indispensable companion to surviving and thriving in the world of the dark future.[1]


Both editions include a guide to Night City's history, districts, and the era-technologies. Detailed guides and maps for main jobs, side jobs, gigs, hustles and cyberpsycho sightings, including the best and worst outcomes, different routes to take with annotated maps and screenshots, and a roadmap of how to unlock all the quests.

It explains how the game system works, detailing about XP, skills, perks, cyberware, weapons, mods, crafting and more. It includes a dedicated atlas - a collection of high resolution expanded maps covering the entire game and revealing the many of Night City's points of interest.

Both editions also come with a free upgrade code to a premium interactive map of Night City: Interactive Map



The standard edition is a 464 page, full color, paperback book.

Collector's Edition[]

The Collector's Edition comes with an exclusive hardcover designed after an artwork of V sitting on a train, printed superior quality art paper, and an additional 32-page (496 in total) visual tour of Night City through a selection of images from poster and TV campaigns.