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Weapons appeared in Cyberpunk 2013.

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Friday Night Firefight[1][]

Pistol Automatics[]

Name Type Acc Concealability Avail Amm Num of shots ROF Reliability
Colt .45 Automatic P 1 J E .45 7 2 VR
Standard US military firearm over 70 years. Known as a serious "manstopper", with a rugged and excellent adaptability.
Browning Hi-Power P 1 J E 9mm 13 2 VR
Excellent military civilian firearm used worldwide.
Browning .25 P 1 J E .25 5 2 UR
Common .25 pistol, smallest available on market. Used as a "holdout" or "lady's" gun.
.44 Automag P 1 J P .44 7 2 UR
A limited production of specialized design. The most powerful production pistol made today. Demand was not enough to provide a common ammunition source all rounds must be hand-made. No longer made
Beretta M92F P 1 J R 9mm 7 2 ST
New standard US military sidearm. depends on accuracy and

penetration as opposed to the .45's sheer bullet weight.

Glock 17 P 2 J C 9mm 17 2 VR
Sidearm Of the Austrian Army. the Glock made of high pensity plastics. The unique construction makes it incredibly and easy to use (as well as difficult to detect with airport metal detectors).
Walther PPK P 1 P C 9mm 7 2 ST
Known as the "James Bond gun" the 1960's. the Walther was favored by intelligence agents worldwide.
HK P9S P 1 P C 9mm 9 2 VR
Well-designed German pistol with unique rifled barrel. Making it easy to care for. Very reliable. easy to use, and common among European Police forces.
Tokarev TT-33 (1933) P 1 J C 7.65 8 2 VR
Common Soviet handgun used by military until late 1980's.
Beretta M1951 P 0 J C 9mm 8 1 ST
Standard military sidearm for many European nations. the 1951 is readily available and easy to use.
Luger Parabellum P 0 J P 9mm 8 1 ST
Standard German military sidearm of WWII. The Luger is less common now, as other 9mm types have replaced it.
Mauser M 1896 P 2 J E 7.65 10 2 ST
The famous "broomhandle". this weapon combines good reliability and power
Steyr GB80 P 1 J P 9mm 18 2 ST
A relatively new weapon now being accepted in many NATO countries. It's large magazine capacity and high quality work-manship make it a very serviceable military or police weapon.
Desert Eagle P 1 J C .357 9 2 VR
The current "in" of the 1980's, the Desert has seen service with the Israeli Army,. as well as having great popularity

among civilian marksmen.

Ruger MKII Standard P 2 J C .22ing 13 2 ST
An excellent match pistol, easily controlled and accurate. Also a good "assassin's" weapon in some quarters.
Mamba P 1 J C 9mm 15 1 ST
A South African design featuring a stainless steel body. double action trigger and large magazine. A machine pistol version has been produced, but is extremely rare (ROF 5).
Sig Sauer P-210-2 P 2 J P 9mm 8 2 VR
Possibly the most accurate military production handgun in existence, the SIG is issued to the Swiss Army, Very accurate and remarkably easy to care for.


Name Type Acc Concealability Avail Amm Num of shots ROF Reliability
Colt Python P 1 J E .357 6 1 ST
Considered to be one of the top .357 revolvers made today; reliable & accurate.
S&W Combat Magnum P 1 J C .357 6 2 VR
Designed for US Border Patrol use, the Combat Magnum is a popular choice among police officers. Its "small frame" and reliable action make a best seller.
S&W Model 29 P 1 J C .357 6 2 VR
A very large weapon, the Model 29 is one of the most common revolvers available to civilians, it is extremely accurate.
Llama Commanche P 0 J C .44 6 1 ST
An excellent .44 revolver, used in home defense and police work. It's long barrel makes it hard to conceal.
Colt .45 "Peacemaker" P 0 J R .45 6 1 VR
The gun the "won the West", the .45 was the most common US sidearm throughout the 1800'S. A single action must be cocked before firing, although later models had a flattened hammer allowing the gubn to be fired by "fanning" the hammer.
Colt .38 Detective P 1 J C .38 6 1 VR
The most commonplace police weapon for many years, the Colt .38 has many variants, including the smaller "Chief's Special". With their high reliability, there are many of these guns still in circulation.


Name Type Acc Concealability Avail Amm Num of shots ROF Reliability
Hi Standard Derringer P -1 P C .22 2 1 ST
A good "holdout" gun. the High Standard is not an effective "manstopper", but can hold it's own in an emergency situation.
C.O.P. .357 Derringer P 0 P C .357 4 2 VR
Designed as a "holdout" for law enforcement agents, the COP uses a unique revolving firing pin arrangement. It's small size makes easily hidden.
C.A. "Bulldog" P 0 P C .44 5 1 VR
Common police holdout and backup gun.

Submachine guns[]

Name Type Acc Concealability Avail Amm Num of shots ROF Reliability
IMI Uzi SMG 2 J C 9mm 30 20 VR
Developed by the Israelis as a reliable export weapon, the UZI is used worldwide by security forces, the US Secret Service, police and (unfortunately) terrorists and drug dealers.
Mini UZI SMG 1 J C 9mm 30 35 VR
Smaller version of the popular UZI, which can be easily hidden even under street clothes. An even smaller UZI pistol version is also available, but this variant is only semi-automatic (ROF-3).
Vz61 Skorpion SMG 2 J P .32 20 25 VR
A standard military sidearm for the Soviet Bloc, the Skorpion is the world's smallest military SMG. It's small ammunition size gives it excellent controllability. It is easily silenced and can be carried in a shoulder holster.
Ingram MAC 10 SMG -1 J C .45 30 5 UR
A very small SMG used by covert units and terrorists. It can be easily silenced. However, it's very large ammo size makes it very difficult to control when on full auto.
Ingram MAC 11 SMG -1 J C .38 32 35 UR
A very small SMG used by covert units and terrorists. It can be easily silenced. However, it's very large ammo size makes it very difficult to control when on full auto.
H&K MP5 // MP5K SMG 1 L C 9mm 30 20 ST
Two examples of the H&K family of interchangeable SMGs, both share parts and design similarities. The MP5K is a very small version of the MP55D3, which has a built silencer. The short barrelled MP5K has an accuracy of 1, not 3.
M3 "Grease Gun" SMG -1 L C .45 30 30 ST
Common SMG of WWII
Thompson M1 SMG 2 N C .45 50 20 VR
Standard US military SMG during WWII, the Thompson is rugged, reliable and easy to use. The M1928 version, of gangster fame, was less reliable (UR), but could carry a 100 round drum magazine.
Schmelsser MP-40 SMG 2 N C 9mm 30 25 VR
The SMG the Nazi famous, still found in police/military arsenals and private collections.
Bushmaster SMG 0 C R 5.56 30 20 ST
A bullpup configured SMG designed to be fired one handed. The Bushmaster uses the M-161A clip, making it technically closer to an assault rifle than a submachinegun.


Name Type Acc Concealability Avail Amm Num of shots ROF Reliability
FN-FAL RIF 0 N E 7.62 (N) 20 21 VR
Standard NATO A very deadly assault weapon; durable and handles well.
AK 47, AKM, AKMS RIF 0 N E 7.62 (S) 30 20 VR
Standard Soviet military rifle, exported worldwide, particularly to Soviet client-states. Reliable. rugged. but rather to control, the AK-47 is the most well known weapon of it's type in the world.
AK 74 RIF 0 N C 5.45 (S) 30 20 VR
Common Soviet assault rifle.
M-16A & M-16A2 RIF 2 N C 5.56 (N) 30 25 UR
Standard US military rifle since the 1960's. the Mel 6 has high accuracy and a staggering ROF. A built in "tumble" effect compensates for the 5.56 round. Earlier M-16 models were cantankerous and unreliable in the extreme, with an accuracy of 3, not 4. The Ar-15 and the AR-180 are civilian models used by police and home defense.
Styer Aug RIF 2 N C 5.56 (N) 30 20 VR
A bullpup configured rifle using high tech plastic and aluminum, the AUG is the wave of the future. The scope built in, giving it great While it's rugged plastic construction gives reliability and strength.
Galil 5.56 RIF 1 N C 5.56 (N) 30 6 VR
Standard Israeli combat rifle. to survive in the harshest environments. It is considered to be the best medium assault rifle in military production. The export model fires a 7.62 NATO round.
M-1 Garand RIF 2 N C 30-06 8 3 ST
Basic U.S. Infantry rifle of WWII.
Winchester M70 RIF 3 N C 30-06 5 1 VR
A basic scoped hunting rifle, used to hunt deer.
Winchester .30-.30 RIF 2 N E 30-30 5 2 ST
The most commonly used rifle of the Old West. the Winchester also came rifled a .44 round as well.


Name Type Acc Concealability Avail Amm Num of shots ROF Reliability
Ithaca Stakeout SHG -1 L C 12g 8 2 ST
Basic short stocked police shotgun.
Atchison Assault SHG -1 N R 12g 20 10 ST
Fully automatic shotgun with drum feed.
CAWS SHG 0 N R 12 27 10 ST
Close in Assault Weapon, designed for house to house work, crowd suppression. Scope is built in. making it very accurate for type.

Melee Weapons[]

Name Type Acc Concealability Avail Amm Num of shots ROF Reliability
Knife or dagger M 1 J E NA NA NA VR
Switchblade M 0 P E NA NA NA ST
Sword M -1 N R NA NA NA VR
Spear M -1 N P NA NA NA VR
Nunchaku/Nunchucks M 1 J C NA NA NA VR
Martial arts weapon. Two clubs joined by short chain.
Nunchaku⁄Tonfa M 1 J C NA NA NA VR
Two L-shaped clubs. one for each hand. A martial arts weapon.


Name Type Acc Concealability Avail Amm Num of shots ROF Reliability
Bow BOW 1 N C NA 12 2 VR
Arrows dow damage as if .22 Long round.
Crossbow BOW 0 L C NA 12 1 VR
Crossbow bolt do damage as if .38 long pistol round.
Shiriken M 0 P C NA NA NA VR
Small stars. A martial arts weapon.
Chainsaw SAW -2 N C NA NA NA ST
Common weapon in bad post holocaust films
Sledgehammer M -2 N C NA NA NA VR
Another common postholocaust weapon, this may also be any

type of war hammer or heavy club.

Near Orbit[2][]

Name Type Acc Concealability Avail Amm Num of shots ROF Reliability Range Cost
Texas Arms 351 Gryojet Pistol P +0 J G 9mm Gyrojet 8 2 UR - $420
Developed as a lightweight gyrojet weapon along the lines of earlier MK II models of the 20th century, the 351 fires a 9mm rocket round (damage as normal 9mm). Range is twice that of a normal pistol in vacuum. The 351 is a commonly used military firearm, particularly on Luna.
Hammer M-11 Bolt Pistol P +2 J P 9mm Sabot Bolt 10 2 ST 30m $320
The most common bolter in use, the M.11 has better recoil control thin most flechette weapons. The 9mm bolt does 1D6 at all ranges, but armor SP is halved due to it's high penetration.
Militech Silver Shadow Flechette Pistol P +0 J P Caseless Flechette 8 2 ST 30m $300
The civilian ancestor of the infamous "Black Widow" developed for the USAF. Each round has 6 flechettes with a half meter spread at medium range. Each shotgunlike shell holds 6 flechettes (roll 1D6+2 to see how many hit per shot). Each hit 1D6/3 damage at all ranges.
Dynatech Industries Hand Taser Special +0 J G Charge 12 1 VR - $50
The most common taser weapon in space, the hand user must be touched to bare skin in order to deliver it's charge. Targets must make a VERY DIFFICULT BODY roll or be stunned unconscious for 1D10 minutes. lf save is made, REF & COOL are still halved for 1D10 minutes.


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