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Cyberoptics are a combination of digital processor and camera. Cyberoptics are replacements for normal eyes. Cyber vision is just like regular vision, only better. Colors are brighter, images sharper. And that's just the start.


Want to see life as a 30s black and white movie? No problem. Telescopic or microscopic vision? Optional. Infrared and low light vision? Standard for Solos.

Cyberoptics look exactly like normal eyes, although a wide variety of fashion iris colors are popular (amber, white, burgundy and violet are common). Some versions are transparent, with glitter or lights swirling inside of them. Other are superchromed for a more "cyber" look. Others can change eye color at will or to match clothes and surroundings. Some even have tiny designer logos around the iris. Cyberoptics with cameras or weapons usually load from the front, with the iris opening up when the front of the eye is depressed.[1][2]

By 2077, Kiroshi was leading in the cyberoptics' market with their different eye cyberwares.


  • Infrared: Allows user to see in pitch blackness, using heat emissions for image reception.
  • Telescopics: Allows user to see telescopic images equivalent to a 30X scope.
  • Microscopics: Allows user to see microscopic images.
  • Minicamera: 10 exposure minicamera activated by squinting. Film is automatically ejected from iris when last exposure is taken.
  • Times Square™ Marquee: Scrolling red letter screen in upper edge of vision, linked to either a software chip readout or a radio link.
  • Targeting Scope: This projects a target into the field of vision at will. The targeting scope will read range to specific objects, speed of movement, bearing and size, as well as providing several types of scope reticule for aligning weapons. When chipped into a "smartgun", the scope will match the targeting sensors of the gun with what you are looking at, then flash a "ready signal" when the target is acquired.
  • Anti-dazzle protection: Auto stepdown compensates for harsh sunlight, flares, etc. Never need sunglasses again.
  • Low-Lite™: Allows user to see clearly in dim light conditions, down to very faint moonlight or distant streetlamps.
  • Image Enhancement: High resolution graphics capability allows user to enhance and refine images viewed.
  • Thermograph Sensor: Allows user to see heat patterns of objects, people. Cooler things show up as dark to light blue, hotter things as red or orange, and the hottest of all as yellow or white. Can be used to distinguish a warm body against a wall, in pitch darkness, or presence of cybernetics (which are always cooler than normal body temperatures).
  • Dartgun: Two shot dartgun with range of 1 meter, highly accurate. Poison dart will penetrate up to Level 3 armor with a lethal dose.

Options Cost[]

€$400 for a basic Cyberoptic eye (includes color of choice, glitter effects, logos, swirling colors, etc.) with the option for three added options per eye, as below:

  • €$200 Infrared
  • €$300 Microscopic/telescopic visuals
  • €$300 Microcamera
  • €$300 Times Square™ Marquee
  • €$400 Targeting Scope
  • €$200 Anti-Dazzle protection
  • €$200 Low Lite Enhancement
  • €$300 Image Enhancement
  • €$200 Thermograph Sensor
  • €$200 Dartgun


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