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Born into a Nomad pack, the young man grew up never knowing for sure which members were his parents. As he got older, he was chosen by the chief Techie of the pack as an apprentice, and began to team the intricacy of maintaining the pack's vehicles and cyberware. However, the two main loves of his life became explosives and looking after the pack dogs. "CyberDog" (as the Nomads named him) trained the pack's animals to act as perimeter guards. Along the way, he started designing and implanting modified cyberware into the dogs to improve them.

At age 17, his Nomad group was ambushed by operatives of an unknown corporation. They were killed almost to the last person; the only survivor was CyberDog—and his vengeance. He began a life on the streets, making a living repairing the equipment of street people and continuing his experiments with cyber-enhanced dogs. His expertise in both repairs and cyberware quickly made him a leader in the field, and gained him several "acquaintances," including police and corporates alike. A particular Corporate who became a regular customer eventually found out about his quest for vengeance and used it as bait to lure CyberDog into working for Militech's research department.

Given all the tools and money he needed, CyberDog quickly developed the cyberware now used in Militech's canine guards, but he was also working on another project which he kept secret from the Corp. They eventually discovered the secret project's existence, and, when they refused to tell him which Corporation had attacked his old family, he seemed to give in and agreed to tell them about the new project.

He demonstrated his "Cerberus" project the next day by having a cyberform greyhound unit (a robotic body combined an organic brain; packed with 2kg of C-6) run up to the crowded observation enclosure and detonate in front of the blackmailing exec. During the confusion, he slipped away from the facilities and returned to the streets, taking the design of his new "Blasthounds" with him.[1]

Operating Style[]

Cold and detached, his main motivation is to find out who arranged the wiping out of his pack and why. CyberDog maintains a false friendly relationship with everyone so that he can use them later to get information or to help in pursuit of his revenge. Only when someone is of no use to him anymore will he show his real feelings. He either sells his Blasthounds for use, or hires out his expertise in a range of fields to whomever needs it—except Corporations![1]


INT: 7, LUCK: 8, BOD: 6, TECH: 8, ATT: 6, Rep: 6, REF: 7, EMP: 7/6, COOL: 6, MA: 7[1]


Jury Rig +7, Basic Tech +7, Cyber Tech +6, Electronics +6, Education +4, Zoology +6, Biology +5, Awareness +6, Athletics +6, Melee +4, Demolitions +7, Streetwise +3, Gamble +4, Library Search +2, Expert (Dog Breeds) +5[1]


Basic Processor w/2x sets of Interface plugs (Machine/Tech link), Chipware socket w/A-E Surge chip, Death Trance chip, fish 'N Chips chip and a mix of various skill chips, Digital Recorder implant, Cyberoptic (w/MV, ME, IE options)[1]


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