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This is a full list of clothing and additional equipment options available in CyberGeneration & CyberGeneration Revolution 2.


Most clothing is produced on demand, using microfactories in the actual store and working from a library of current fashion patterns. Major designers sell expensive, one-of-a-kind pattern collections to their most exclusive clients, who use home "microfacks" to whip up a wardrobe whenever they need one. Some people buy or create libraries of fashions and run them off at boutiques similar to twentieth century desktop publishing service bureaus. Stylistically, there's been a tremendous rush back to what's now called "retro-fash": natural fabric clothing of simple cuts and styles. Jeans, leathers, cottons and wools are "in"; the heavy duty synthetics of the early '20s are "out". Even synthetic materials attempt to retain the look of the "real thing". In general, assume that if you can imagine it, there's somebody out there with a "microfack" that will make it for you.[1]

Name Type SP Cost (eb) Book
Armored Clothing Light Clothing 14 200 CyberGeneration
Armored Clothing Medium Clothing 16 300 CyberGeneration
Armored Clothing Heavy Clothing 20 400 CyberGeneration
Armored Riding Jacket Clothing 18 CyberGeneration
Body Test Full Impact Roadrasher Full Body 16 200 CyberGeneration
BoosterGogg SmartGoggles Glasses/Tech 220 CyberGeneration
DataTel Adapta Ringphone Jewelry/Tech 70 CyberGeneration
Dress/Suit Clothing Varies CyberGeneration
Full Enviro Wetsuit Full Body 16 350 CyberGeneration
Hard Armor (Metal Gear) Full Body 25 600 CyberGeneration
Jacket or Coat Clothing Varies CyberGeneration
Microtech MiniFone Pin Jewelry/Tech 150 CyberGeneration
Mirrorshades Glasses CyberGeneration
Pants/Skirt Clothing Varies CyberGeneration
Raven MicroCyb Net Vision Glasses/Tech CyberGeneration
Raven MicroCyb T-9000 V-Glasses Glasses/Tech 75 CyberGeneration
Riding Helmet with HUD Clothing/Tech CyberGeneration
Top or Shirt Clothing Varies CyberGeneration


Name Type Cost (eb) Book
Apple Mac520 Virtucomp V-Term 600 CyberGeneration
D-Tech Tracerpin 50 (set of 6) CyberGeneration
D-Tech Tracker 500 CyberGeneration
EBM Advance System Mainframe V-Term 900 CyberGeneration
Raven Microcyb Data Tap 100 CyberGeneration
"Scramblers" 100 CyberGeneration
Snoopboxx Personal Intrusion Sensor 200 CyberGeneration
Telectronics Techscanner 150 CyberGeneration
Virtuality Terminal CyberGeneration

Furniture and Appliances[]

Name Type Cost (eb) Book
Cleaning remotes Appliance 300 CyberGeneration
Cyberrest Sleeppad Furniture 20 CyberGeneration
Flatfold Chair Furniture 200 CyberGeneration
Flatfold Couch Furniture 500 CyberGeneration
Flatfold Table Furniture 100 CyberGeneration
Hitachi-Kenmore Appliance Mod Appliance 500 CyberGeneration
MovinCube Remote Appliance 200 CyberGeneration

Musical Instuments[]

Name Type Cost (eb) Book
Eurotech Smartguitar Guitar 200 CyberGeneration
FullImpact Virtual reciever/player system Portable recorder 50 CyberGeneration
Realmetl Synthesizer drumpad Drums 200 CyberGeneration
Realmetl Synthesizer keypad Keyboard 100 CyberGeneration
V-Padd Virtual drumkit Drums 320 CyberGeneration
V-Padd Virtuality keyboard Keyboard 400 CyberGeneration

Other Equipment[]

Name Type Cost (eb) Book
Athelon Nylon Carrybag Bag 5 CyberGeneration
Full Impact V-Trodes Special 100 CyberGeneration
Magnagripp Magnetic Grapples Climbing Gear 100 (for 2) CyberGeneration
Northern Faced Sleeping Bag Special 20 CyberGeneration
Receptor Smartcards Special Varies CyberGeneration
Striptape Binders Temp. Handcuffs 20 CyberGeneration
SuperString Synthetic Cable Special 3 (per Meter) CyberGeneration
Virtuality Smartcards Special Varies CyberGeneration


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