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CyberGeneration, was published as a supplement for Cyberpunk 2020, but was later re-released in 1995 as it's own full game as CyberGeneration Revolution 2.0, the CyberGeneration books are set in the year 2027, 7 years after the events of Cyberpunk 2020.

CyberGeneration's game doesn't correspond with the timeline of cyberpunk as of the third edition of Cyberpunk 2020. 2020 didn't mention any of it's contents or setting features.

The Intro[]

You start by standing in a filthy alley in a neon-lit city of glass and steel. In front of you is a Virtuality Terminal the amazing new technology that projects virtual reality images into everyday life, via the V-trode stuck to your temple. Its the only V-Term still working for miles around.

But working or not, it's not stopping the acidic rain that's drizzling down your back, or the trembling in your legs. You've just run here after being chased out of a local club by thirty heavily armed goons of the Corporate Security Police - CorpSec, who want to round you up for an "examination" before shipping you off to one of the so called "containment centers" they keep out in the desert. Ten minutes ago, you were just another punk kid partying down at the local yo-club where you were spotted. Now, as far as you know you're the only "juve" (juvenile) to get past the dragnet. Everyone else is either captured or dead.

Because CorpSec thinks you're infected with a deadly virus they call the Carbon Death, and you think they're right.

Already your hands starting to sweat. You think you can see a faint silvery sheen on your palms; the first warning signs of the infection. You probably have about ten hours before it really hits. The party's over and your life just got more serious.

You think back. You remember the number you heard from your dying friend, back in the squalid hovel you used to call home, before CorpSec torched it. You reach out your hand over the V-Term's sensory field grid. You repeat the number aloud.

Sudenly, the image of a tall, swarthy man "rezzes" in front of you.

"Hey, Juvepunk," he says gruffly. "Wake up! You can call me Morgan. Morgan Blackhand. I'm here to save your sorry hide. So listen up."[1]

"If your accessing this, it's because you're one of the lucky ones. So far, the dead guys and zombie girls haven't rounded you up yet to squat in a BuReloc Camp. You haven't been snagged by the Clarkers or the Finals; there aren't a bunch of futile Edgers trying to draft you into carting a Scorpion missle pack in a suicidal attempt to drop President Whindham's private aerodyne. You're free and clear. And you're still able to run."

"So that's why your lucky so far."

"Now the bad news. You're probably somewhere between eight and eighteen. You're a Juveganger without Big Guns, Big Euro, Big Cyberwear or big connections. For the last few months, you've been running safe with your goboys, hiding in the ventilation ducts of an Arco, pushing a cyberbike with a gogang, thrashing the turf on a smartboard or maybe just slipping out of the Corpzone conapt to raise hell with the Corporate Dead Boys. Now your out in the open, scared. Maybe you've just watched a fellow Goboy (or maybe your whole Yogang) go down in a hail of rocket-powered, explosive-tipped "genies". Or maybe someone you know really well has just charfed up a liquid mercury lunch and you watched his skin turn to metal before your eyes."

"So you ran. And kept running. And maybe They kept following you, with their genius guns, spinners and cyberhounds. Or maybe it's not that simple. Maybe your starting to feel sick yourself. Your skin's starting to itch; or your head hurts so bad you think you want to smash it against the pavewalk and let your brains leak out."

"Stop. Easy, now."

"It's okay. Somehow you got this Virtuality Code. Maybe it was on a sticker on the back of a random kibble box. Or your yoboys were passing it around the square. Maybe there's more than one of you here; when the scangrid logs you, I'll know. Somehow, you got this far. you staggered or snuck to the nearest V-Term and punched in the code. You got me. this huge, dark guy with old fashion mirror shades and an armor trench. In full three-dee no shit virtuality."

"Like I said, my name's Morgan Blackhand. If you know my name, you know I'm here to help you. That's what I do; help juves like you. I've done it before. I'm gonna do it again."

"It's gonna list a bunch of Yogangs in your area. You probably fit into one of them; read the ICON screens and see which one seems closest to your description. Then slap the ICON you picked. It'll bring up a datascreen; if it doesn't fit you, try another one till you get it right. Once you've put your Yogang type and other information into the scangrid, activate the button at the end of the screen to bring my ICON back up. I'm gonna use what you tell me about yourselves to figure out what your background is, and I'll use that to shift you to a safehouse in the area. After all, I don't want to send a Beaverbrat wandering around in a MegaViolent square."

"I promise I'd get you out of this alive, juve. I keep my promises. Here's the screen - now get busy."


CyberGeneration Dictionary[]

  • Charf - To throw up.
  • Cyberhounds - Cybernetic tracking dogs.
  • Dead guys - Juvegang talk for male adults especially corporates.
  • Genies - smart bullets from a "genius gun".
  • Genius Guns - Smart guns with bullets that follow their targets.
  • Goboys - Friends.
  • ICON - A visual image, A holograph.
  • Juve - juvenile.
  • Juveganger - juvenile gang/slang for a kid.
  • Rezz - Appear
  • Scangrid - A sensory array that can pick up movement.
  • Smartboard - Cybertech skateboard.
  • Spinners - Advanced Aerodyne vehicles.
  • Square - Block, Turf, Neighbourhood
  • The Edge - Cyberpunks and Edgerunners in hiding.
  • V-Term - a Virtuality Terminal.
  • V-Trode - Access port located on your temple
  • Yogang - Youth Gang.
  • Zombie Girls - Juvegang talk for female adults especially corporates.

The Youth Gangs of CyberGeneration[]

  • ArcoRunners - Tunnel runners and Arcology explorers.
  • Beastieboys - Animal enthusiasts & amateur geneticists.[3]
  • BeaverBrats - Dirty tricksters & infiltration experts.
  • BoardPunks - Maximum thrashers & surf guerrillas.
  • EcoRaiders - Green Terrorists & Defenders of nature.
  • Facers - Facechanging actors & identity roleshifters.
  • GlitterKids - Media celebrities & Superstar posers.
  • GoGangers - Bike gangers and speedfreakers.
  • GoldenKids - Super-rich heirs of the Corporate State.
  • Goths - Vampire Posers & Children of the Night.
  • Guardians - Neighborhood defenders & protectors.
  • Lookers - Neck-whipping CoverKids and Beautiful People[4]
  • MallBrats - Mallplex wheelers & blackmarket dealers.
  • MegaViolents - Combat Maniacs & Warrior berserkers.
  • Moshers - Headbanging party animals & post-modern punks.[5]
  • NeoPioneers - Modern-day homesteaders and survivalists.[3]
  • Rads - Political activists & underground rebels.
  • Squats - Homeless scroungers & urban packrats.
  • StreetFighters - Kung fu fighters & street warriors.
  • Taggers - The Urban artists of the community[4]
  • TinkerTots - Underground engineers & juvetechs.
  • Tribals - Hi-tech Deadheads & Neo-Native Americans.
  • Trogs - Underground outcasts rejecting modern society.[5]
  • Vidiots - Guerilla medias & communications experts.

Groups and Corporations of CyberGeneration[]

  • Arasaka - The Arasaka Corporation, is a world-wide megacorporation dealing in corporate security, banking, and manufacturing. It is one of the most influential mega-corporations in the Cyberpunk series.
  • BuReloc - The dark arm of the government against the children of tomorrow.
  • CDC - Center for Disease Control
  • Clarkers - Adult Fanatic Pseudo-religious Group.
  • CorpSec - Corporate Security Police.
  • Final Quarantine - Adult Fanatic Group out to exterminate the infected children.
  • ISA - Domestic Security Agency
  • LEDiv - National Law Enforcement Division.
  • PSA - The Plague Survivors Alliance.

CyberGeneration Equipment[]


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