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The Crowder is a car introduced in Chromebook Volume 2.

Sourcebook Description[]

The New American Motors Crowder is one of the most popular electric citycars in North America, and is even made by license overseas (Japan being the country with the next largest quantity of Crowders).The Crowder's popularity over its closest rival, the Honda Metrocar, comes from its electrical power system. Electricity is available almost anywhere, at a lower cost than CHOOH2. A Metrocar fillup with CHOOH2 costs about 15 eb, while a Crowder recharge costs only 10 eb in most cities where electricity is readily available. For the Green citizen, the Crowder is the only alternative. Make your impact on the environment! Send a message to polluters, and save on fuel costs at the same time.
Maneuver Speed: 20 mph
Fuel Efficiency: 1 hour per power unit
Fuel Capacity: 5 power units
Game Notes: The Crowder takes 1 hour per power unit to charge when connected to at least a 220-volt power output. A regular 110-volt house power plug charges the battery in 10 hours.[1]


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