So lock, load and grab your briefcase — its time to engage in Combat Capitalism!

— Mike Pondsmith

Corporation Report 2020 is the first of three volumes detailing the inner-most workings of some of Cyberpunk 2020's most well known and ruthless corporations.

The book is written as an in-world publication by Merril, Asukaga & Finch and covers two high profile corporations.The first; Arasaka, the infamous world-wide security agency with a secret plan to rule to the world. The second; IEC or the International Electric Corporation, a major military supplier.

The report gives an in-depth look at both companies histories, founders and current CEOs as well as their main product, market strategy, personnel and equipment and their key facilities.

Included are two Micro Advenutres featuring stealing some information regarding Arasaka and protecting a target from IEC hitmen.

References Edit

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