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Corporate Wars: The Musical is a readable shard in Cyberpunk 2077. outlining the plot of the eponymous movie.



"Absolutely phenomenal!" - Ziggy Q
"True to art and history!" - Karina Lee
"There were many explosions." - Gillean Jordan, N54 News
ACT I The Fourth Corporate War is underway. Saburo Arasaka is displeased with the progress of his son Kei, who is commanding Arasaka's forces. He instructs Kei to defeat the enemy in order to prove himself as a worthy successor. Kei desires above all to gain the acceptance and pride of his cruel father, so he devises a scheme to place all blame of the war's outbreak squarely on Militech. Their conversation is overheard by Sara, a Militech agent and also the beloved adoptive daughter of General Donald Lundee. Sara concludes that the only way to quickly end the bloody conflict is to assassinate Kei. General Lundee comforts his daughter and gives her courage. Soon, Andrew - a young idealist and idolater of Saburo - arrives in Night City. His dream is to find the last living seagull in the world, so he attempts to stow away aboard an Arasaka ship. Then, he is discovered, apprehended, and mocked by Arasaka security personnel. Meanwhile, Sara is preparing her ambush against Kei, who is due to inspect the ship the very same day. When her target appears, Sara is poised to fire her gun when, suddenly, her eyes lock with Andrew's. Time stops, sparks fly, young love is born. After a moment, Sara shakes free of her daze and fires at Kei. She misses. Andrew then intervenes, shielding Kei with his own body. The Militech agents must flee the scene. Kei had noticed the twinkle in the eyes of the young lovers when their eyes met. Under the guise of gratitude for saving his life, he decides to use Andrew as bait in a trap for Sara. He orders his scientists to heal the young man's' gunshot wound and secretly install a synthetic heart containing a nuclear bomb. He formally accepts the young, grateful man into the Arasaka armed forces and, knowing Andrew's reason for stowing away, he convinces him that Militech is responsible for the destruction of the marine ecosystem and seagull population. ACT II Sara returns to General Lundee after failing her mission. With a father's love, he is able to forgive her, comfort her, and offer her a chance at redemption. He assigns Sara to lead the charge on Arasaka Tower and end this nightmarish war for good. Still smitten from their brief encounter, Sara and Andrew simultaneously come up with the same plan to search for the other in cyberspace. By chance, they find each other at a virtual coral reef. At first, they are overwhelmed with the unbridled passion of new love, but quickly realize they can never be together. Andrew erroneously accuses Militech of destroying the original coral reef, causing Sara to realize that her beloved has become a member of Arasaka's security forces. Both corporations are preparing for the final confrontation. Andrew and Sara mourn their unrequited love. General Lundee worries over the risk his soldiers face. Saburo reminds his son that he has only one more chance to earn his father's pride and respect. Kei has come to the conclusion that his victory cannot be assured, so he decides instead to blow up Arasaka Tower and pin the blame on Militech in the hopes of earning his father's love in death. Sara's unit enters Arasaka Tower. The two lovers meet as battle rages on around them, but neither can bring themself to harm the other. Kei attempts to detonate the bomb in Andrew's heart but the detonator fails. Struck with a nefarious idea, Kei instead shoots Sara, killing her on the spot. Andrew's heart breaks with grief, causing the bomb inside to detonate. In the moment before the explosion, Andrew gazes up into the sky and witnesses a seagull soaring overhead. The nuclear bomb explodes, destroying the tower, the young man, the seagull, and his dreams. ANDREW'S LAMENT I dreamed a dream of an endless sea,
Arasaka at the helm,
Today my dreams are nothing but mist,
And I, I'm nothing but down.
My eyes wished never to see again,
Covered in a seafoam veil of grey,
I now see only the black abyss,
My chrome heart gnarled in pain.
Arasaka Corp. bought my soul,
In exchange for blood and mourn,
The strength in me has forever died,
And a corporat was born!