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The Japanese Corps operate very efficiently (as we all know only too well). This does not change when executing their Black Ops. Many Japanese Corps (Arasaka, Kiroshi, Fujiwara) retain a sizable contingent of "ninja" to perform the surgical strikes they have become renowned for. Such groups have often been associated with a particular zaibatsu for decades. These ninja are totally loyal, totally fanatical, totally charged-up all-purpose killers. Most of the time, you don't see 'em coming;you don't see 'em getcha; you don't see 'em leave. Nobody ever knew they were there.

He has a reputation for being the most deadly assassin in the city. His clients are among some of the most powerful men and women within the Corporate sector. He has no qualms concerning who he works for, as long as the price is proper, and his zaibatsu is satisfied. He has never failed on a mission, and not one of his employers knows his true name (or face).

The Ninja is the best of the worst, and uses this reputation to its full advantage. His favored form of dress is based closely upon the costumes of the ancient ninja: special black or chameleon coveralls, designed to allow freedom of movement, and to act as camouflage in the night. His equipment is especially imported from Japan, to ensure the highest quality possible. Everything about this man gives the impression of a professional, trained to never make mistakes and to always complete a contract.


Combat Sense 8, Hide/ Evade 8, Endurance 6, Shadow!Track 9, Strength Feat 5, Athletics 8, Dodge/ Escape 8, Resist Torture /Drugs 7, Awareness 9, Handgun 6, Melee 7, Fencing 8, M.A. Karate 9, Rifle 8, M.A. Choi Li Fut 8, Stealth 9, M.A. Tae Kown Do 5, SMG 6, Demolitions 5, Electronic Security 6, Pick Lock 6, Archery 6, Disguise 5


None-The ninja considers those who rely upon mechanical augmentation.


Stern meyer Type 35 Pistolsilenced, No-Dachi and Ninjato (Workmanship gives weapons capabilities of the Kendachi Mono Two), Militech-10 SMG with suppressor/ scopes/ Grenade Launcher, FEN Dz 22 Saucer Grenades, Gpz-78 MiniGrenades,SonarScanne~ IR Cloak Suit (Black), Compact Climbing Kit (100m mono-line with grapnel), Det Cord, Advanced Alarm Removal Kit


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