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Disambig This article is about the location in 2020 Night City. For the location in 2045 Night City, see Old Corporate Center.

Corporate Center (also known as Section B2) is the heart of Night City in the 2020s and is broken up into four areas.


Like any modern metropolis, Night City is always in a state of flux. Over the years, most neighborhoods and districts wend their way through a tortuous cycle, alternating between fashion and disrepair. But one are stands as an exception. It is all landscaped plazas and sculpted architecture. There are no cracks in the sidewalks, the streetlights always work, and there is always a police officer around if you need him, although he may not draw his salary from City Hall. From these wide, orderly streets rise the skyscrapers, lofty and serene over the chaos that is most of the urban ground level, spearing daggerlike through the grey smog above.[1]


Notable Gangs[]

Notable People[]



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