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Disambig.svg This article is about the sub-district in Cyberpunk 2077. For the location in Cyberpunk 2020, see Corporate Plaza (2020).

Corpo Plaza (or Corporate Plaza) is a sub-district of City Center in Night City.


Corpo Plaza is the jewel of neopostmodern, neomilitaristic architecture, paradoxically owing its style to the tragedy that occurred in 2023. The terrorist attack on the former Arasaka Tower damaged and destroyed the surrounding buildings. Rebuilt after the Fourth Corporate War, Corpo Plaza and is now the home to the most recognizable fixtures of Night City.

The Plaza is a sign of the corporations' return to power after long years of humiliation and disgrace - its giant skyscrapers and towering megabuildings are once again host to the offices complexes of Arasaka and Militech, the very same corporations that destroyed the city half a century ago.

Corpo Plaza's main feature is the Memorial Park, a huge roundabout between the corporations' headquarters that commemorates the victims of the Fourth Corporate War. The Plaza is always crowded with all types of low and mid-level corporates, always hurriedly shuffling from one meeting to the next, while the armored AVs carrying high-ranking executives circle over their heads, docking and taking off again from landing pads.

It seems peaceful, but NCPD officers and armored corpo guards are constant patrol, reminding everyone who's really in charge of this district. Everyone has to pass through multiple security checkpoints to enter any plaza building.[1][2]

Database Entry

Corpo Plaza

Re-built after the 4th Corporate War, Corpo Plaza is one of the most iconic places in Night City today as a symbol of corporate prowess. Its goliath skyscrapers and megabuildings are an economic show of force and prestige for corporations such as Arasaka and Militech, as well as proof of their inferiority complex. Corpo Plaza's main attraction is Memorial Park, a huge ring surrounding the corporate headquarters. The park is also a tribute to the countless victims of the 4th Corporate War. Every day the Plaza is teeming with everyone from corpo suits to NCPD officers and armed-to-the-teeth corpo security - more than anything an indication that peace and order are not among Night City's natural qualities.[2]


Map of Corpo Plaza.


Fast travel points

This sub-district includes the next fast travel points:

  • Arasaka Tower
  • Downtown North
  • Halsey & MLK
  • Metro: Memorial Park
  • Metro: Republic Way
  • Petrel St
  • Ring Road

Behind the scenes

By 2077, corporations have assumed many of the prerogatives formerly reserved for nation-states. They claim extraterritorial privileges that grant immunity to their employees and agents. They maintain private armies and wage private wars, both openly and covertly. They sign treaties with other corporations and even with sovereign nations. As a result, Corporate Plaza resembles an embassy district or the United Nations Headquarters in New York, a space where independent and often hostile powers have staked out a shaky truce, a demilitarized zone where diplomacy can take place and operations be carried out in safety. Corporate Plaza is the purest expression of Neomilitarism. The buildings serve as weapons in the corporations' never-ending wars and look the part: aggressive, fortified, domineering. Standing here, you feel like you are at the center of a universe ready to gobble you up and spit you out.




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