Few leave the corporate world with their lives - fewer still with their souls intact. You've been there - you've bent the rules, exploited secrets and weaponized information. There's no such thing as a fair game, only winners and losers.

Corpo, or Corporate, is one of the three lifepaths available to players in Cyberpunk 2077.


Corpo, along with Streetkid and Nomad, is one of the lifepath choices in Cyberpunk 2077 that dictates V's background during the game.

Corpos are most at home in the board room after rising the corporate ladder of the Arasaka corporation. They are familiar with doing whatever it takes, often at the expense of social comfort, to progress further in business. As such, this can give the benefit of seeing through people and being able to read between the lines when trying to do business with them, whether they are part of the corporate world or not.

During the prologue V starts off as an up-and-coming employee (ID#: NC770416) working in the counterintelligence division of Arasaka, currently tasked with cleaning up a damaging leak about an incident in Frankfurt that has jeopardized Arasaka's standing with the European Space Agency. V's immediate superior is Arthur Jenkins, who resents Director of Special Operations Susan Abernathy for stealing his promotion. The story takes a turn to the unexpected, as a layered series of events lead to competitive backstabbing and a complete eye-opening turn of fortune and potential reformation of the protagonist once they survive it.

Associated Quests

Unique Dialogue Choices

Act 1

  • The Ride
  • The Information
  • The Pickup
    • During the phone call with Meredith Stout, V can point out that she is in no position to negociate.
    • V can say to Meredith Stout that she is the one alone, for failing to recover the Militech transport.
    • V can say to Meredith Stout that has no ties to Militech, and V knows that the all the corpos uses the same playback, and V knows this playback inside out.
    • V can say to Meredith Stout that knows that the Meredith spiked the credchip she gives to V with a virus.
  • The Heist
    • V can affirm that the Afterlife club doesn't look like all it's bigged up to be, for a club with all the hottest contracts in Night City.
    • V can drink "To this!" at the Afterlife, just like happened at the Lizzie's Bar during the Corpo-Rat job.
    • V can talk out the Konpeki Plaza's receptionist into not notify about V arrival, aggressively "advicing" her to do only what she is told to do.
    • V can suggest the guest at the Konpeki Plaza's bar to keep down the gossip about Hanako Arasaka.
    • Male V can feel offended when the Konpeki Plaza's bartender call him "kiddo", and demand the bartender's name, to make sure the bartender's supervisor hears about this.
    • V can agree with Jackie Welles' comment about Yorinobu Arasaka's behaviour, that "prolly just got bored", saying that "you can kick the rat outta corp". Jackie will complete the phrase, saying "But you'll never kick the corp outta the rat".

Act 2

Act 3

  • Nocturne Op55N1
  • Last Caress
    • V can pretend to be under orders of Susan Abernathy to pass the Arasaka security guard. The guard will reveal that Abernathy committed suicide two days ago, however.
  • Totalimmortal
    • When V goes to the Saburo Arasaka's personal office at the Arasaka Tower with Hanako Arasaka, V will reveal that never heard of such place, despite being in counterintelligence for a while. Hanako will reveal that such place is one of the Arasaka's most closely guarded secrets.
    • V can argue with Hanako Arasaka that the corporates won't have a choice but find the courage to admit their mistakes, because the Corporation's future is on the line.
    • V can say to Saburo Arasaka that it is an honor to finally make his acquaintance.
    • V can accuse Arasaka board of not even order a proper inquiry into Saburo Arasaka's cause of death.
    • V can identify the failed corporate coup ongoing on the screen pointed out by Yorinobu Arasaka.
    • V can accuse Yorinobu Arasaka of being even worse than Saburo Arasaka because, despite ruling with iron fist, Saburo didn't needed to purge to hold onto power, like Yorinobu did.
  • Where is My Mind?
    • V can accuse Johnny Silverhand of blaming Arasaka again.
    • V can tell Sachiko Kusama that know own body and won't last long in the treadmill test. Kusama will respond that the tests are necessary and must be performed.
    • V can tell Goro Takemura that if was Hanako Arasaka who wanted him to talk to V. Takemura will respond that Hanako has forgotten V already, and that Takemura was called from the clinic, saying that someone V knew should speak with V.

Gigs and Side Jobs

  • Ex-Factor
    • V can ask Judy Alvarez to be more specific about what to expect from the meeting with Maiko at the Clouds. Judy will respond to except everything.
    • After V and Judy Alvarez got dismissed by Maiko at the Clouds, V can comment with Judy that Maiko is just put on an act, and few days down the line she'll tell Judy her plan to take over the Clouds, as if it was Maiko's plan.
  • Talkin' 'bout a Revolution
    • V can convince Maiko that Judy Alvarez's play might work, explaining that if they get Hiromi Sato at his apartment, where he thinks he's completely safe, his Tyger Claws bosses'll understand what they're lookin' to demonstrate.
  • Pisces
    • If V kills Maiko Maeda, V can justify it to Judy Alvarez telling that Maiko would've been worse than Hiromi Sato.
    • If V convinces to Tyger Claws bosses to promote Maiko Maeda, V can tell Maiko that the eurodollars she offered is a little less than V expected for assisting in an internal gang coup and blackmail the leaders of one of Night City's most powerful gangs. V can also accuse Maiko from skimping from the get-go on day one, and ironically tell her she will make a fab boss. Both dialogue options will convince Maiko to pay more for the job, if V accepts the payment. It's still possible to refuse Maiko's payment after such dialogue, to prevent Judy from delete V from Judy's contacts after the job.
    • If V convinces to Tyger Claws bosses to promote Maiko Maeda, V can tell Judy Alvarez that changes this big need to come gradually, and that revolution always sounds great in theory, but Night City's about whellin' and dealin'. Judy will disagree, saying that for V it's about profit, but for her it's about people. V will disagree from Judy, saying that the first casualties of revolution are the revolutionaries, and that bring anarchy to the Clouds will not end well.
  • Riders on the Storm - During the discussion between Saul Bright or Panam Palmer, about joining or not forces with Biotechnica to handle the Raffles, V can side with Panam, saying that worked for corpos like Arasaka and know how this'll end. Saul will argue that Biotechnica is no Arasaka, but V will respond that there is no difference, as both treated people like them as labor to be exploited and ultimately consumed, at the best case scenario.
  • There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
    • V can tell Rachel that knows the kinds of budgets braindances get, to convince her to pay more for leaving Joshua Stephenson alone. Rachel will agree and pay triple.
  • The Ballad of Buck Ravers
    • V can tell Karim that knows about Arasaka suits say aboutJohnny Silverhand: they say if a collar-in-training doesn't make deadline, the ghost of a man, split in two will get him - however, nobody remembers the ghost is Johnny. Karim will be impresses about V getting someone from Arasaka to tell that.
  • Pyramid Song
    • When V interacts with the sunken diner sign, V can comment with Judy Alvarez that bigger family gathering were great and where got real fish, but V prefers synthfish more because real fish was just too stinky.
    • V can tell Judy that thinks that all cities will look the same if lined up, because corps're making sure of makin' life uniform everywhere. Judy will respond that maybe all cities got allurin' faces, but stay long in one city and you see what's behind it.
    • V can tell Nix that knows him from somewhere.
  • Gig: Freedom of the Press
  • Spellbound
    • V can see through R3n0's corporate disguise and use that to get a discount.
  • I Fought the Law
    • V can tell to Detective Han that they know how business is done in Night City.


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