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Cool is one of the six attributes in Cyberpunk 2077. The Cool determines your assassination skills and stealth abilities.


Progressing in the Cool attribute improves proficiency with Pistols, Revolvers, Precision Rifles, Sniper Rifles, and throwables weapons such as Knives and Axes.

The Cool attribute also allows to use stealthy Perk abilities and use subtle or street-smart dialogue choices.

Allocating an Attribute point in the Cool Attribute increases Crit Damage by 1.25% per point.

Level Title Requirement(s) Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Road Warrior
4 Road Warrior Allows you to use Sandevistan to slow time while driving.

Allows Kerenzikov to be activated when aiming and handbraking simultaneously.

+25% weapon damage when your vehicle is drifting or airborne.
Feline Footwork
4 Feline Footwork When crouched:
+15% Movement Speed
+15% Mitigation Chance

Mitigation grants a chance to reduce incoming damage by current Mitigation Strength (default 50%.)
Small Target
4 Small Target +20% Mitigation Chance when crouched and not moving.
Blind Spot
4 Blind Spot When crouched, the higher your Mitigation Chance, the longer it takes for enemies to detect you.
4 Unexposed +20% Mitigation Chance when aiming from cover.
Killer Instinct
4 Killer Instinct +25% daamge with knives, axes and silenced guns outside of combat. They also provide a preview of the estimated damage.
Quick Getaway
4 Quick Getaway +10% Movement Speed after neutralizing an enemy while undetected.
Duration: 30 sec. or until detected. Stacks 2 times.
New stacks reset duration. All stacks removed when duration ends.
Gag Order
4 Gag Order Landing an attack on an enemy right after they detect you will delay detection from other nearby enemies.
9 Focus Only affects Pistols, Revolvers, Precision Rifles, and Sniper Rifles +10% Headshot and Weakspot damage Unlocks Focus mode.
This mode automatically activates when you aim while at full Stamina.

While active:
No Stamina cost for shooting, allowing for more accurate shots.

When it ends:
−40 Stamina

Duration: 2.5 sec.
Rinse And Reload
9 Rinse And Reload Only affects Pistols, Revolvers, Precision Rifles, and Sniper Rifles +10% Reload speed for your next reload after neutralizing an enemy while aiming. Stacks 2 times. The stack resets to 0 whenever you start aiming.
No Sweat
9 No Sweat Only affects Pistols, Revolvers, Precision Rifles, and Sniper Rifles −50% Stamina cost from Focus for each enemy neutralized while it was active.
Head To Head
9 Head To Head Only affects Pistols, Revolvers, Precision Rifles, and Sniper Rifles While Focus is active, neutralizing an enemy with a ranged attack resets its duration.
Deep Breath
9 Deep Breath Only affects Pistols, Revolvers, Precision Rifles, and Sniper Rifles Time slows by 25% for you and enemies when Focus is active.
9 Pull! Only affects Pistols, Revolvers, Precision Rifles, and Sniper Rifles When Focus is active, shooting grenades out of the air is easier and the blast is more powerful.
Scorpion Sting
9 Scorpion Sting Only affects throwable weapons −15% recovery time for throwable weapons. Critical hits, headshots and hits to weak spots with throwable weapons apply Poison for 5 sec.
9 Neurotoxin Only affects throwable weapons Applying Poison to an enemy via Scorpion Sting now also applies Bleeding and disables sprinting for 6 sec.
9 Parasite Only affects throwable weapons +15 Health on Crit Hit and headshots with thrown weapons.
9 Corrosion Only affects throwable weapons Allows you to apply Poison to mechs, robots, drones and turrets.
Accelerated Toxin Absorption
9 Accelerated Toxin Absorption Only affects throwable weapons Strong Attacks and thrown weapons used against Poisoned enemies instantly deal substantial Poison damage then remove all Poison effects.
15 Ninjutsu +15% Movement Speed. +15% Mitigation Chance when crouched. Unlocks the ability to sprint while crouching.

Crouch-sprinting allows you to move more quickly while staying silent, but consumes Stamina.
Shinobi Sprint
15 Shinobi Sprint −75% Stamina cost for crouch-sprinting during combat.
15 Serpentine +30% Mitigation Chance when crouch-sprinting.
Vanishing Act
15 Vanishing Act Optical Camo activates automatically and consumes its charge gradually while crouch-sprinting or sliding.
Creeping Death
15 Creeping Death When Optical Camo is active your are undetected, neutralizing an enemy grants: +15% Health, +15% Stamina, and +10% Movement Speed for 6 sec.
15 Deadeye Only affects Pistols, Revolvers, Precision Rifles, and Sniper Rifles +10% headshot and weak spot damage. −25% Stamina cost for shooting. Unlocks Deadeye mode, which is active above 85% Stamina. When active: +25% headshot damage, +25% weak spot damage, no bullet spread.
High Noon
15 High Noon Only affects Pistols, Revolvers, Precision Rifles, and Sniper Rifles When Deadeye is active:
+35% reload speed for your next reload after neutralizing an enemy via headshot or weak spot. Effect available for 3 sec.
Slows time by 50% during reload.
California Reaper
15 California Reaper Only affects Pistols, Revolvers, Precision Rifles, and Sniper Rifles +30% Stamina after neutralizing an enemy via headshot or weak spot.
Long Shot
15 Long Shot Only affects Pistols, Revolvers, Precision Rifles, and Sniper Rifles When Deadeye is active, your shots always deal full damage regardless of distance.
Quick Draw
15 Quick Draw Only affects Pistols, Revolvers, Precision Rifles, and Sniper Rifles +30% weapon swap speed when swapping to pistols, revolvers, precision rifles, and sniper rifles, +30% Stamina when swapping during combat.
15 Juggler Only affects throwable weapons −15% recovery time for throwable weapons. +20% headshot and weak spot damage with throwable weapons. Instant cooldown reset for all throwable weapons after neutralizing an enemy with a throwable weapon via headshot, Crit Hit, or Poison.
Finisher - Act Of Mercy
15 Finisher: Act Of Mercy Only affects throwable weapons Unlocks a Throwable Weapon Finisher.

Can be used on low enemy Health.

Automatically activates Juggler.

Restores 25% Health.
15 Pounce Only affects throwable weapons Allows you to perform Finishers from a greater distance if you've hit the enemy with a throwable weapon.

Each successful throw also makes them more susceptible to Finishers.

Finishers can be performed when an enemy's Health is low.
Sleight Of Hand
15 Sleight Of Hand Only affects throwable weapons +20% Crit Damage for 8 sec. whenever Juggler is activated. Stacks 5 times. New stacks reset duration. All stacks are removed when duration ends.
Pay It Forward
15 Pay It Forward Only affects throwable weapons After retrieving a thrown knife or axe from an enemy, your first melee attack with a throwable weapon gains +200% damage.
Style Over Substance
20 Style Over Substance Only affects throwable weapons Guaranteed Crit Hits with throwable weapons when crouch-sprinting, sliding, dodging or Dashing.

No movement speed penalty when aiming a throwable weapon.
Nerves Of Tungsten-Steel
20 Nerves Of Tungsten-Steel Only affects Revolvers, Precision Rifles and Sniper Rifles When Deadeye is active: guaranteed critical hits for headshots and weak spots, increased damage as distance increases (max +25%).
Run 'N' Gun
20 Run 'N' Gun Only affects Pistols Hip-firing does not consume Stamina. When Focus is active +25% Movement Speed.

Act 1[]

  • The Information
    • (4) - V can tell Mateo that they are "a big tipper."
    • (4) - V can tell Evelyn Parker that is "the best."
  • The Pickup (4) - If V contacted Militech, but ended up siding with Royce, and help him defeat Militech, V can tell Royce that he forgot to say "Thanks, V" for saving his "sorry tin-can ass". Royce will laugh and ironically ask V if V is "fuckin' high".
  • The Heist (5) - V can ask T-Bug for more Aristotle's quotes.

Act 2[]

  • Automatic Love
    • (5) - V can tell Judy Álvarez that just need to know who hired Evelyn Parker, and promise to not lay a hand at Evelyn. Judy will calm down and help V with intel.
    • (5) - If V attacked the Clouds' before talking to Skye, V can ask her to calm down after the attack.
  • The Space in Between (5) - V can convince the patient at Finn Gerstatt's clinic to cut in front of the line.
  • Disasterpiece (5) - V can ask the braindance dealer for a discount.
  • M'ap Tann Pèlen (5) - V can go straight to the point and ask Placide what to do once V got inside the Grand Imperial Mall.
  • I Walk the Line (8) - V can accuse Bryce Mosley of bluffing.
  • Down on the Street
    • (6) - After Sandayu Oda refuses to help and leave, V can comment with Goro Takemura that we knew it was gonna to blow, and ask him if he got more "fine friends". Takemura will respond no.
    • (6) - If V stay awhile in front of Wakako Okada's place with Takemura before enter, an elderly man will mistake Takemura with the comedian Hideshi Hino. Later on, when Wakako ask V who V's "charming friend" is, V can introduce Takemura as Hideshi Hino. Takemura will be annoyed, ask V to stop, and properly introduce himself to Wakako.
  • Play It Safe (6) - V can jokingly tell Takemura not to jump off the balcony, remembering that there's help available, like a 'round the click hotline. Takemura will respond that it is not funny.

Act 3[]

  • Totalimmortal (7) - V can provoke Saburo Arasaka, calling him a bastard, saying that Johnny Silverhand sends regards, and showing the middle finger to Saburo. Hanako Arasaka will be exclaim her surprise, while Saburo will laugh and say the Hanako was right about V, that V is one of the kind. Hanako will suggest they should go before V does something stupid.
  • Who Wants To Live Forever
    • (9) - V can tell FIA Agent James Weiss that knows about Langley.
    • (13) - V can joke saying the future's now, when Solomon Reed explains that V were out for two years.

Gigs and Side Jobs[]

  • With a Little Help from My Friends (7?) - V can remember Panam Palmer when Panam told V to give Panam a good kick in the pants if V saw Panam divin' in the stupid pool again.
  • Machine Gun (8) - V can tell Skippy that refuses to have a philosophical debate with a piece of iron about why V prefers to maim rather than kill enemies.
  • Ex-Factor (6) - V can ironically comment to Maiko that V left a lasting impression from the last visit to Clouds, during the Automatic Love job.
  • Talkin' 'bout a Revolution (6) - V can tell Judy Álvarez that do like artichoke, avocado flavor and zucchini pizza. Judy will joke calling it fancy.
  • Beat on the Brat: Arroyo (4) - V can tell Buck to relax after defeating him.
  • Beat on the Brat: Kabuki (4) - V can ask Certo and Esquerdo if they really do everything together.
  • Happy Together (3) - V can ironically reply to Juan Mendez's accusation of bullshitting him, saying that V loves to bullshit badges.
  • Losing My Religion (5) - V can ask the modified Bhikkhu Monk that don't work for free, and ask for a reward to save his brother from Maelstrom. The monk will respond that have nothing to offers other than his gratitude, however.
  • Full Disclosure (5) - V can ask Sandra Dorsett how much Sandra can pay for keeping V's mouth shut. Sandra will respond attacking V.
  • There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
    • (6) - When Rachel tells it's time grab a bite to eat, V can ask where they eating at. Rachel will respond at PieZ. Vasquez will chip in saying that they do a great cup of coffee. After Vasquez's response, V can say that PieZ serves a great cheesecake. Vasquez will respond that he is lactose intolerant, and then V will propose vegan avocado ice cream instead.
  • The Ballad of Buck Ravers (5?) - V can tell Karim that knows "Chippin' In" since V was a kid, while other kid were learning "Chrome Crayons" (Corpo only).
  • Only Pain
    • (9) - V can demand eurodollars from the corpo without demanding the truth.
    • (13) - V can demand eurodollars from the corpo after demanding the truth (demand the truth requires 9 Reflexes or the Streetkid Lifepath).
  • Small Man, Big Mouth (9) - V can tell Kirk Sawyer that wants more than fifth percent of the job reward. Kirk will accept.
  • Following the River (8) - V can tell River Ward and the kids that knows the Lone Wolves type of cop.
  • Rebel! Rebel! (7) - V can tell the van crew that everything will be fine as long they get out the van and do what V says.
  • Second Conflict (6) - V can agree with the Maelstrom fanatics guarding the Totentanz club that V is the one who klepped the Flathead, and ironically ask if they got another one.
  • Violence
    • (6) - V can talk with Lizzy Wizzy about payment before accepting the job.
    • (6?) - V can pretend to be a waiter, asking Liam if he ordered champagne.
  • Gig: Sparring Partner (?) - V can lower the asking price of the robot from €$31000 to €$15000.

Phantom Liberty Logo CP2077PL[]

  • Dog Eat Dog
    • (8?) - V can introduce themself to Rosalind Myers as the solution to her current problems. Myers will respond that, as corny as it sounds, V's her favorite letter of the alphabet just now.
  • Spider and the Fly
    • (9) - V can tell Rosalind Myers to think of her enemies as V cuts her skin to remove her tracker.
  • Shot by Both Sides
    • (11) - V can ask Bree if it's her first time holding a gun.
  • Firestarter
    • (10) - V can explain a wrong answer given to Kurt Hansen, like if the twins doubled their money, but V responds as if they lost everything.
  • Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos
    • (13?) - If V asks Sandra Dorsett for help to bust into MaxTac's datafort and snatch any intel on the next Psychoquad convoy headed for Los Padres, and Sandra for a favor in return, V can convince Sandra to not get into specifics. Sandra will then give the data and leave without ask anything.
  • Somewhat Damaged
    • (20) - V can ask Songbird if she is tryin' to scare them.
  • The Killing Moon
    • (15?) - When Solomon Reed warns that the FIA are gonna find V and Songbird, V can respond that they escaped already. Reed will agreed that he don't eyes on V, but will see each other soon.
    • (20?) - If V is catch at the NCX Spaceport by a female NC Resident while picking her bag, V can defuse the situation telling that V is with the security.
    • (15?) - V can buy some time for Songbird by asking the Orbital Air security which camera V should look for the biometric ID authentication.
    • (15?) - V can calm down Songbird saying FIA are not gettin' her.
  • Things Done Changed
    • (14) - V can comment that imagined the future'd look different, when Solomon Reed tell V were out for two years. Reed will respond that is impressed by V's joke, and V will ask what good would it do to rage at reality, as don't see any sense in it.
    • (13) - Before V enter Zetatech, when Terry ask if V are not from 'round Night City, V can ask him back if he is from Night City. Terry will confirm that is from the city, and V will sarcastically congrat him and say that wins him a shit-short childhood and an even shitter death.