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Continental Brands is a food and cereal manufacturer corporation in North America, and a former subdivision of Petrochem.[1][2]


Distracted by the aftermath of the 4th Corporate War, the higher ups at Petrochem didn't pay attention as their subsidiary, Continental Agricorp, took steps to divorce itself from the energy MegaCorp. Continental made their move, forcing a spin-off of the subsidiary and buying out half of Petrochem's CHOOH-4U gas stations, thus Continental Brands was born.

Continental rebranded their CHOOH-4U stations as Oasis stores and quickly rebuilt them into one of the few reliable places to buy their food products. Continental's Oasis Community Loyalty Program rewards entire communities for being loyal customers by granting them prioritized food shipments and cheaper mega sized goods and punishes them with higher prices and scarcity for acting against Continental interests.[3]



Type Product
Food and Drink Kibble, Triti-Fizz, Koff Pops, Continental Brands Real Instant Coffee
Household Appliances Koff Poppers, Continental Brands SmartOven



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