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The North Oak Columbarium[1] is a large series of columbarium structures containing the cremated remains of thousands of Night City residents. It is located in the southern hills of North Oak, in the Westbrook District.


Columbarium Map

The columbarium was built after cremation became preferred over burials due to scavengers robbing graves for the cyberware implants of the deceased. Any citizen of Night City can be interred, by the choice of themselves or their loved ones, and will be assigned a position where their respective funerary urn will be located.

Many residents of Night City travel to the columbarium to pay their respects to family, friends, loved ones, and other notable people interred. The niches are usually marked with a signifying symbol, be it the logo of the interred's work, or something similar. Controlled by the Night City government itself, the columbarium is guarded by Arasaka security turrets, and holds strict rules whereas lighting candles and spray painting are strictly forbidden.[2][3]

Niches list[]

Note that some niches will always appear while others are dependent on one's actions in game.

Name Epitaph Conditions
Adrienne "Hoseki" Meyer[Notes 1] "This is how you live." From the beginning. Added in Patch 2.0.
Akai Kyōi[Notes 2] "She was as loyal and fierce as she was beautiful." If she is killed during Every Breath You Take.
Alena "Alex" Xenakis[Notes 3] Not the retirement you dreamed of... but the kind that fate dealt. I hope you can forgive me. And thanks for everything. Complete Somewhat Damaged.
Alt Cunningham "Never fade away." From the beginning.[4]
Andrew[Notes 4] "In loving memory of my best friend. You were a tortoise, but you listened like a person. You were with me when grammy explained what was right. You are the last memory of a better world. Rest in peace." Unlocked during Happy Together.
Andrew Weyland "He tried to shape reality at a lethal cost." From the beginning.[4]
Anna Hamill "She couldn't keep her mouth shut." If she is killed during Gig: Woman of La Mancha.
Antonio Peralez[Notes 5] "Beloved friend and brother." From the beginning.[4]
Aoi Tsuki[Notes 6] "She shone as bright as the moon." If she dies during Every Breath You Take.
Arthur Jenkins "Committed to the corporation, loyal until the very end." No matter which lifepath you choose, Jenkins will always appear after the prologue.
Beatrice Ellen Trieste[Notes 7] "She finally outsmarted even herself." If she dies during Gig: Getting Warmer...
Big Pete "His whole life he was down on his luck. Now he's just down." If he is killed during Gig: Big Pete's Got Big Problems.
Bill Jablonsky "Out of the somber darkness. Aurora announces the dawn." Complete Sinnerman.
Blake Croyle "He died doing what he loved." If he is killed during Gig: Shark in the Water.
Brendan "The nicest guy in Night City." Complete Coin Operated Boy.
Buck Arnold "Make ready my hands for war, my fingers for battle." If he is killed during Beat on the Brat: Arroyo.
"Brick" "He left behind more friends than enemies." If he is killed or not rescued during The Pickup.
Caroline Jablonsky[Notes 8] "Her spirit lives on in our hearts." From the beginning.[4]
Crispin Weyland "He was his father's son." If he is not rescued during Knockin' on Heaven's Door.
Darrell Zhou "A beloved brother." If he dies during A Day In The Life.
David Martinez "You didn't take me to the moon, but you were there with me." From the beginning. Added in Patch 2.0.
Dean Russell[Notes 9] "His friendship was an inspiration, his love a blessing." From the beginning.[4]
Dum Dum "He gave you a huff when no one else would." If he is killed during The Pickup or Second Conflict.
Evelyn Parker "She died valiantly fighting the system." Complete Both Sides, Now.
Finn Gerstatt[Notes 10] "He helped many and asked for little." If he is killed during The Space in Between.
Frank Nostra "He died like he lived - wearing a tie." If he is killed during War Pigs.
Galina Valieva[Notes 11] She fought for our country. From the beginning. Added in Patch 2.0.
Gerald Winkler[Notes 12] "He knew too much, so THEY dealt with him." Complete The Prophet's Song.
Gloria Martinez "You were right. David reached the top of Arasaka Tower." From the beginning. Added in Patch 2.0.
Gustavo Orta "To walk away and live, or to stay and die?" Complete Gig: Bring Me the Head of Gustavo Orta.
Jack Mausser "Give them hell down there. You were rat-shit crazy, but solid." If he is killed during Gig: An Inconvenient Killer.
Jackie Welles "Good night, sweet prince." Complete Heroes.
Jae-Hyun Lee "In pain he found a recipe for happiness." If he is killed during Gig: Small Man, Big Evil.
Jason Allberry "Father, husband, brother, son. Soar high in cyberspace!" From the beginning.
Jason Wildriver "A true son of Night City." If he is killed during Gig: MIA.
Jeremiah Grayson "He that sows the wind reaps the storm." If he is killed during Chippin' In.
Jesse Johnson[Notes 13] "It's a hard life." If he dies during Burning Desire.
Joanne Koch "An accomplished researcher, mentor and explorer." If she is killed during Gig: Guinea Pigs.
José Luis "Here lies José Luis. Son, we miss you. - Father" If he is killed during Gig: On a Tight Leash.
Joshua Stephenson "He fought hard until the very end." Complete They Won't Go When I Go or kill him during Sinnerman.
Jotaro Shobo "He had his head screwed on right. Then he lost it." Complete Gig: Monster Hunt.
Julio "He blew us away with his enthusiasm." From the beginning. Added in Patch 2.0.
Karubo Bairei "Rest in peace." Complete Gig: Old Friends.
Kirk Sawyer "Entrepreneur and philanthropist." Complete Small Man, Big Mouth.
Kiwi "You taught me to never trust anyone in NC." From the beginning. Added in Patch 2.0.
Leonard Swedenborg-Riviera "His silencing will not be in vain." If you disable Swedenborg during Killing in the Name.
Lucius Rhyne "A great man of the people." Complete The Heist.
Logan Garcia "KO the devil - first round." If he is killed during Gig: For My Son.
Miłogost Reczek "His voice will never fall silent." Polish voice-actor for Viktor Vektor. Added in Patch 2.11.
Maiko Maeda "Per aspera ad astra." If she is killed during Pisces.
Nick Ford "Beloved friend, brother, and a good man. He was taken too soon." From the beginning.
Ofelia Sirawian[Notes 14] "A woman like no other." If she is killed during Second Conflict.
Oswald Forrest[Notes 15] "He thought he could get away with anything." If he is killed during Automatic Love or Ex-Factor.
Ozob Bozo "We live in a society." If he is killed during Send in the Clowns or Beat on the Brat: Pacifica.
Peter Sampson "He loved his car." If he dies during The Beast In Me.
Pilar, Dorio, Maine "You were the only family I ever had." From the beginning. Added in Patch 2.0.
Randy Kutcher "O, how briefly you lent us the gift of your life." If you pick up the wrong farm or abandon River during The Hunt.
Rebeca Price "Life without risk isn't a life worth living." If she is killed during Gig: Hot Merchandise.
Rebecca "I regret not finishing our conversation." From the beginning. Added in Patch 2.0.
Rhino "Tough on the outside, sweet on the inside." If she is killed during Gig: For My Son.
River Ward "Until we meet again." If you abandon him during The Hunt.
Rogue Amendiares "Queen of The Afterlife." Complete Knockin' on Heaven's Door.
Robert John Linder[Notes 16] "A son of a bitch who never gave up. A legend among legends." From the beginning.[4]
Roy Batty[Trivia 1] "All these moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain." From the beginning.
"Royce" "A great leader and a friend." If he is killed during The Pickup or Second Conflict.
Ruby Barrett[Notes 17] "She lived life to the fullest." Complete Chippin' In and Jeremiah Grayson survives.
Ryan "Adam" Webb[Trivia 2] "I'M A ROCKERBOY" From the beginning.
Syd Mead[Trivia 3] "Creator of worlds." From the beginning.
Taki Kenmochi[Notes 18] "Here I lie. I wanted it all, but I lost everything." If she is killed during Gig: Troublesome Neighbors.
Tucker Albach "She cruised through life like a battleship and never swerved from her path." If she is killed during Gig: Eye for an Eye.
V "Dreamer." Unlocked during New Dawn Fades.
Vic Vega "As vicious as they come." If he is killed during Gig: The Union Strikes Back.

Associated Quests[]


  1. Owner of the Mizutani Hozuki "Hoseki".
  2. Known as Red Menace.
  3. Found on the niches outside of the walled area.
  4. Tortoise of Barry Lewis.
  5. Brother of Jefferson Peralez.
  6. Known as Blue Moon.
  7. Known as 8ug8ear.
  8. Wife of Bill Jablonsky.
  9. Husband of Claire Russell.
  10. Known as Fingers.
  11. Mother of Sasha Yakovleva. Found on the niches outside of the walled area.
  12. Known as Garry the Prophet.
  13. Known as Burning Crotch Man.
  14. Known as Patricia.
  15. Known as Woodman.
  16. Known as Johnny Silverhand.
  17. Known as Ruby Collins.
  18. Known as Furaido Chikin.


  1. Batty and his quote is a direct reference to the sci-fi movie Blade Runner.
  2. Reddit comment - fan of Cyberpunk 2077 who passed away before its release.
  3. Known for his iconic work on Blade Runner, Tron and Aliens.


  • A number of plaques will appear even if the characters are still alive, e.g. if Brick is rescued. At the same time, a number of deceased characters whose plaques were set to appear might not, e.g. Anna Hamill after sparing her and not sending her with the nomads.


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