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Colorado is an autonomous Free State within the New United States of America.


1990s - 2020s[]

Sometime after the Collapse, the northwest portion of the state, comprised of counties like Rio Blanco and Moffat, was purchased by Biotechnica while the state was overrun with nomads. After the Collapse, as the nation rebuilt itself, Biotechnica founded White City, boosting the income of the state government with increased tax revenues.

By 2020, despite more extreme seasonal weathers, the state had managed to survive, basing its economy and agriculture off of genetically-engineered sheep, the only livestock animal capable of surviving in the new climate of Colorado.[1]


Colorado's main industries during 2020 include: aeronautics, communications, food crops, light and medium industry, livestock, military training, and mining.[1]


Known settlements[]

  • Boulder
  • Denver
  • Cheyenne Mountain Complex
  • Colorado Springs (destroyed as of 2020)
  • U.S. Air Force Academy
  • White City


  • Cheyenne Mountain



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