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Coin Operated Boy is a side job in Cyberpunk 2077.


When you go to Brendan's usual location outside Megabuilding H8, you will find an upset Theo Price is standing where his unit used to be. She'll explain that Brendan's owners had him taken away to "re-evaluate" his code, dismissing her pleas that he was a true friend and more than a simple S.C.S.M. unit.

At the SoftSys shop in Heywood, you can either bribe or convince (requires Technical Ability) the clerk to receive access to the room where Brendan is receiving a firmware update. Once in the room, Brendan notes he's being updated because he mentioned someone's marital troubles and the person didn't like that very much (you can also see this message on the computer next to him confirming it). With sufficient Technical Ability, you can deduce that Brendan is not a true AI, but instead possessed an exceptional convo-emulating algorithm to facilitate his interactions with visitors. He'll then ask you to tell Theo a message from him and give you one last joke if you wish.

Return to Theo to pass along Brendan's message to conclude the job.

Journal Entry[]

All right, so I'm feeling like a sucker for this story. Do you really think Brendan is just spitting out the sentences is[sic] was programmed for? The stuff some marketing guru thinks customers want to hear? That'd be pretty fucked even by Night City standards. In any case, we won't know until you find him.


  • Go to the service point.
  • Talk to the clerk. [Optional]
  • Find Brendan.
  • Talk to Brendan.
  • Talk to Theo.


  • V's reaction to Brendan being "alive" and its ultimate demise is another reference to the ethics of AI and what an artificial personality is. Other missions dealing with this dilemma are Machine Gun and Don't Lose Your Mind.


The title of the quest comes from The Dresden Dolls song, "Coin-Operated Boy."