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Coach Fred is a character in Cyberpunk 2077.


During his childhood, Fred would stay inside a lot and watch television. His favorite thing to see on television were the Cirrus Cola commercials featuring an eagle with the name Beaker, who was sort of a superhero bird.

He was bullied at school, but stood up to his bullies after having enough and felt like Beaker after doing so.[1]

He is currently a retired boxer who hangs out in V's apartment complex in Little China, Watson.

He offers to be V's agent and gives info about fights in different parts of the city. Winning them all leads to a championship match.

Associated Quests[]

Humans of Night City[]

Humans of Night City — Coach Fred


One thing I get asked a lot is who my hero was growing up. Usually it's your mom or dad, some heavyweight champ or a BD star. Well, I didn't have a lot of role models to choose from. None, matter of fact. You'd never think it, but I used to stay inside a lot, watch TV for hours. The best was that Cirrus Cola commercial, y'know, the one with the eagle? He didn't have a name, but everyone called him Beaker. They ran tons of those, even had a whole story arc. Man, that bird kicked serious ass. He could block bullets with his wings, spin a tornado, all kinds of shit. Anyway, I got bullied a lot at school - hell, I was basically the older kids' punching bag. One day I had enough and channeled my inner Beaker. Next thing I knew, them boys are on the floor, bleeding and crying for their mommas. That's when I knew I'd be a boxer. So yeah, I'm here 'cause of a cartoon bird. Crazy, right?[1]


  • Scanning Coach Fred will just show him as "Melee Weapon Dealer".