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Clothing is a type of equipment in Cyberpunk 2077.


Clothing is categorized in four different types; Head, Upper Body, Lower Body and Special. Each different category has its own slots.

  • Head
    • Head (helmets, caps)
    • Face (eyewear, masks)
  • Upper Body
    • Outer Torso (coats, jackets, and vests)
    • Inner Torso (t-shirts, bras, jumpsuits, and dresses)
  • Lower Torso
    • Legs (pants, shorts, and skirts)
    • Feet (shoes, heels)
  • Special
    • ClothingSet (quest clothing/coveralls)

Every piece of equipped gear increases armor and other stats, while also representing an Edgerunner's style.

Armor decreases the amount of damage you take. For every 10 points of armor, you reduce the amount of incoming damage per second by roughly 1 point. Gear is the main resource of armor, but some cyberware can also increase armor as well as improve your survivability in other ways.

You can swap out V's gear in the inventory screen accessible from the main menu or by pressing the assigned hotkey.

A variety of mods can also improve your equipped gear's stats.[1]


Clothes can have better stats depending on their rarity.

  • Common - Base rarity.
  • Uncommon - No additions.
  • Rare - Able to have 1 Clothing Mod slot and a modifier.
  • Epic - Able to have up to 2 Clothing Mod Slots and a modifier.
  • Legendary - Able to have up to 3/4 Clothing Mod Slots and a modifier.
  • Iconic - Unique items. Usually Rare or higher rarity.


Main article: Cyberpunk 2077 Attachments and mods#Clothing

Modification slots

Upper Body (Outer Torso/Inner Torso) clothing can have a maximum of 4 mod slots at legendary rarity. Clothing for other equipment slots can have a maximum of 3 mod slots at legendary rarity.

Clothing per slot

Available clothing in Cyberpunk 2077, categorized per equipment slot. This list is currently incomplete.


There are 116 total unique Head items.

Name Icon Source(s) BaseID(s)
Cushioned techie baseball cap InventoryPreview Head Techie 01 Set Cap.png Rattlesnake Creek Techie_01_Set_Cap
MaxTac tactical helmet with multifunction infovisor SQ030 MaxTac HelmetF Icon CP2077.png Judy Alvarez (romance) SQ030_MaxTac_Helmet
Media baseball cap with reactive layer InventoryPreview Head Media 01 Set CapF.png Jackson Plains Media_01_Set_Cap


There are 64 total unique Face items.

Name Icon Source(s) BaseID(s)
Akai Oni titanium boostknit menpō InventoryPreview Face Mask 03 rich 02F.png Tyger Claws Mask_03_rich_02
Antisurge ICE-protected netrunner infovisor InventoryPreview Face Netrunner 01 Set Visor.png Reported Crime: Delivery From Above Netrunner_01_Set_Visor
Armored media ocuset with camera InventoryPreview Face Media 01 Set Tech.png Jackson Plains Media_01_Set_Tech
Holo-tinted badge goggles InventoryPreview Face Cop 01 Set Glasses.png Northside Cop_01_Set_Glasses
Jigoku no Oni reinforced-composite menpō InventoryPreview Face Mask 03 rich 01F.png Mask_03_rich_01
Johnny's aviators InventoryPreview Face Q005 Johnnys Glasses.png A Cool Metal Fire Q005_Johnnys_Glasses
Laminated ICE-protected techie ocuset InventoryPreview Face Techie 01 Set Tech.png Rocky Ridge Techie_01_Set_Tech
Manganese-laminate nomad gas mask InventoryPreview Face Nomad 01 Set Mask.png Jackson Plains Nomad_01_Set_Mask
Menpō with durable lining InventoryPreview Face Mask 03 basic 01F.png Mask_03_basic_01
Menpō with protective padding InventoryPreview Face Mask 03 basic 02F.png Mask_03_basic_02
Menpō with reactive layer InventoryPreview Face Mask 03 old 02F.png Tyger Claws Mask_03_old_02
Polycarbonate opti-enhanced fixer glasses InventoryPreview Face Fixer 01 Set Glasses.png Arroyo Fixer_01_Set_Glasses
Scratch-resistant polarized rocker aviators InventoryPreview Face Rockerboy 01 Set Glasses.png Rancho Coronado Rockerboy_01_Set_Glasses
Tactical hybrid-glass corporate glasses InventoryPreview Face Corporate 01 Set Glasses.png Rancho Coronado
Biotechnica Flats
Titanium solo techgogs with tactical software InventoryPreview Face Solo 01 Set Visor.png Biotechnica Flats Solo_01_Set_Visor
Weathered menpō InventoryPreview Face Mask 03 old 01F.png Tyger Claws Mask_03_old_01

Outer Torso

There are 278 total unique Outer Torso items.

Name Icon Source(s) BaseID(s)
Aldecaldos rally bolero jacket InventoryPreview OuterTorso Q114 Aldecaldo JacketF.png We Gotta Live Together Q114_Aldecaldo_Jacket
Arasaka polycarbonate-laced bulletproof aramid vest InventoryPreview OuterTorso Vest 01 basic 02F.png Sandayu Oda
(Play It Safe)
Corporate blazer with bulletproof lining InventoryPreview OuterTorso Corporate 01 Set FormalJacket.png Northside Corporate_01_Set_FormalJacket
Duolayer microplate-mesh nomad jacket InventoryPreview OuterTorso Nomad 01 Set Jacket.png Rattlesnake Creek Nomad_01_Set_Jacket
Duolayer polyamide rocker vest InventoryPreview OuterTorso Rockerboy 01 Set JacketM.png Kabuki Rockerboy_01_Set_Jacket
Fake SAMEREI Jacket InventoryPreview OuterTorso mq017 SameraiJacketF.png Small Man, Big Mouth
(Streetkid only)
Heavy shock-absorbent solo jacket InventoryPreview OuterTorso Solo 01 Set Jacket.png The Glen Solo_01_Set_Jacket
Heavy-duty aramid-reinforced badge coat InventoryPreview OuterTorso Cop 01 Set JacketF.png Rancho Coronado Cop_01_Set_Jacket
Laminate-armor media ballistic vest InventoryPreview OuterTorso Media 01 Set VestF.png Media_01_Set_Vest
Luminescent punk jacket DLCJacket001F Icon CP2077.png Jacket19basic04
MaxTac multilayered armor-weave Jacket SQ030 MaxTac ChestF Icon CP2077.png Judy Alvarez (romance) SQ030_MaxTac_Chest
Multilayered syn-leather deltajock jacket DLCJacket002F Icon CP2077.png Jacket20basic01
Polycarbonate nanoweave techie harness InventoryPreview OuterTorso Techie 01 Set Vest.png Techie_01_Set_Vest
Reinforced composite-lined rocker foldtop InventoryPreview OuterTorso Rockerboy 01 Set JacketF.png Kabuki Rockerboy_01_Set_Jacket
Replica of Johnny's Samurai jacket SQ031 Samurai Jacket Icon CP2077.png Chippin' In SQ031_Samurai_Jacket
Spiked MAELSTROM short-sleeve jacket InventoryPreview OuterTorso Jacket 08 old 01F.png Royce
(The Pickup OR
Second Conflict)
Timeworn trench coat InventoryPreview OuterTorso Coat 04 old 02F.png Placide
Trilayer aramid-weave fixer coat InventoryPreview OuterTorso Fixer 01 Set CoatM.png Rancho Coronado Fixer_01_Set_Coat
Trilayer aramid-weave fixer skirt with jacket InventoryPreview OuterTorso Fixer 01 Set CoatF.png Rancho Coronado Fixer_01_Set_Coat
Wolf School Jacket InventoryPreview OuterTorso GOG DLC JacketF.png GOG Galaxy GOG_DLC_Jacket

Inner Torso

There are 149 total unique Inner Torso items.

Name Icon Source(s) BaseID(s)
Armorweave rocker bra InventoryPreview InnerTorso Rockerboy 01 Set TShirtF.png Coastview Rockerboy_01_Set_TShirt
Carbonweave silk corporate shirt InventoryPreview InnerTorso Corporate 01 Set FormalShirt.png The Glen Corporate_01_Set_FormalShirt
Galaxy T-shirt InventoryPreview InnerTorso GOG Galaxy TShirtF.png GOG Galaxy GOG_Galaxy_TShirt
Heat-resistant aramid-weave fixer bustier InventoryPreview InnerTorso Fixer 01 Set TShirtF.png Vista del Rey (Streetkid only) Fixer_01_Set_TShirt
Heat-resistant aramid-weave fixer shirt InventoryPreview InnerTorso Fixer 01 Set TShirtM.png Vista del Rey (Streetkid only) Fixer_01_Set_TShirt
Heat-resistant hybridweave netrunning suit InventoryPreview InnerTorso Netrunner 01 Set Jumpsuit.png Wellsprings Netrunner_01_Set_Jumpsuit
Heat-resistant nanoweave media shirt InventoryPreview InnerTorso Media 01 Set ShirtF.png Wellsprings Media_01_Set_Shirt
Johnny's tank top InventoryPreview InnerTorso Q005 Johnnys ShirtF.png Tapeworm Q005_Johnnys_Shirt
Polycarbonate nomad shirt with reinforced seams InventoryPreview InnerTorso Nomad 01 Set TShirtF.png Jackson Plains Nomad_01_Set_TShirt
Reinforced-seam cotton rocker tank InventoryPreview InnerTorso Rockerboy 01 Set TShirtM.png Coastview Rockerboy_01_Set_TShirt
Thermoactive tear-resistant techie shirt InventoryPreview InnerTorso Techie 01 Set TShirtF.png Rocky Ridge Techie_01_Set_TShirt
Ultrathin composite-print solo shirt InventoryPreview InnerTorso Solo 01 Set TShirtM.png Wind farms, Badlands Solo_01_Set_TShirt
V's favorite T-shirt InventoryPreview InnerTorso Q001 TShirt-M.png The Rescue Q001_TShirt
V's favorite top InventoryPreview InnerTorso Q001 TShirt-F.png The Rescue Q001_TShirt
Vintage SAMURAI strongweave T-shirt InventoryPreview InnerTorso TShirt 02 basic 05F.png The Ballad of Buck Ravers TShirt_02_basic_05
Wolf School T-shirt InventoryPreview InnerTorso GOG DLC TShirtF.png GOG Galaxy GOG_DLC_TShirt


There are 183 total unique Legs items.

Name Icon Source(s) BaseID(s)
Anti-piercing tactical media cargo pants InventoryPreview Legs Media 01 Set PantsF.png Charter Hill Media_01_Set_Pants
Anti-puncture neotac pants with composite lining InventoryPreview Legs Cop 01 Set PantsF.png Little China Cop_01_Set_Pants
Armor-plated syn-leather solo pants InventoryPreview Legs Solo 01 Set PantsM.png Wellsprings Solo_01_Set_Pants
Breathable reinforced bio-cotton corporate slacks InventoryPreview Legs Corporate 01 Set Pants.png Northside Corporate_01_Set_Pants
Dura-membrane netrunner neotac pants InventoryPreview Legs Netrunner 01 Set Pants.png Northside Netrunner_01_Set_Pants
Elastic flame-resistant rocker pants InventoryPreview Legs Rockerboy 01 Set PantsF.png Corpo Plaza Rockerboy_01_Set_Pants
Heavy-duty MaxTac cargo pants SQ030 MaxTac PantsF Icon CP2077.png Judy Alvarez (romance) SQ030_MaxTac_Pants
Johnny's pants InventoryPreview Legs Q005 Johnnys Pants.png Gig: Psychofan Q005_Johnnys_Pants
Protective-layer fixer pants InventoryPreview Legs Fixer 01 Set PantsM.png Japantown Fixer_01_Set_Pants
Protective-layer fixer skirt InventoryPreview Legs Fixer 01 Set PantsF.png Japantown Fixer_01_Set_Pants
Reinforced duolayer techie cargo pants InventoryPreview Legs Techie 01 Set PantsF.png Rancho Coronado Techie_01_Set_Pants
Ultralight tear-resistant nomad pants InventoryPreview Legs Nomad 01 Set PantsF.png Nomad_01_Set_Pants
V's pants InventoryPreview Legs Q001 PantsF.png The Rescue Q001_Pants


There are 133 total unique Feet items.

Name Icon Source(s) BaseID(s)
Cushioned aramid-sole techie shoes InventoryPreview Feet Techie 01 Set ShoesF.png Corpo Plaza Techie_01_Set_Shoes
Durable bioleather nomad western boots InventoryPreview Feet Nomad 01 Set BootsF.png Red Peaks Nomad_01_Set_Boots
Elastiweave fixer pumps with reinforced seams InventoryPreview Feet Fixer 01 Set FormalShoesF.png Japantown Fixer_01_Set_FormalShoes
Elastiweave fixer shoes with reinforced seams InventoryPreview Feet Fixer 01 Set FormalShoesM.png Japantown Fixer_01_Set_FormalShoes
Ergonomic reinforced corporate evening shoes InventoryPreview Feet Corporate 01 Set FormalShoes.png Charter Hill Corporate_01_Set_FormalShoes
Gold-tipped manganese steel solo boots InventoryPreview Feet Solo 01 Set BootsF.png Kabuki Solo_01_Set_Boots
Hardened netrunner boots with composite inserts InventoryPreview Feet Netrunner 01 Set Shoes.png Charter Hill Netrunner_01_Set_Shoes
Johnny's shoes InventoryPreview Feet Q005 Johnnys Shoes.png Gig: Family Heirloom Q005_Johnnys_Shoes
Lightweight hardened-rubber media steel-toes InventoryPreview Feet Media 01 Set ShoesF.png Media_01_Set_Shoes
Puncture-resistant rocker ankle boots InventoryPreview Feet Rockerboy 01 Set BootsF.png Downtown Rockerboy_01_Set_Boots
V's sneakers InventoryPreview Feet Q001 ShoesF.png The Rescue Q001_Shoes
Waterpoof badge combat boots InventoryPreview Feet Cop 01 Set BootsF.png Rancho Coronado Cop_01_Set_Boots


There are 5 total unique Special items.

Name Icon Source(s) BaseID(s)
Arasaka Hazmat Suit InventoryPreview ClothingSets Jumpsuit 03 old 01F.png Jumpsuit_03_old_01
Bandage Wrapping InventoryPreview ClothingSets Q101 Recovery Bandage OutfitF.png Playing for Time Q101_Recovery_Bandage_Outfit
Dirty Militech Suit InventoryPreview ClothingSets Q005 Militech SuitF.png The Heist Q005_Militech_Suit_Dirty
Militech Suit InventoryPreview ClothingSets Q005 Militech SuitF.png The Heist Q005_Militech_Suit
Ruined Militech Suit InventoryPreview ClothingSets Q005 Militech SuitF.png The Heist/Playing for Time Q005_Militech_Suit_Filthy

Cosmetic sets

Main article: Cyberpunk 2077 Cosmetic sets


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