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Disambig This article is about the location in Cyberpunk 2020 and RED. For other uses, see Medical Center (disambiguation).

City Medical Center[1][2] (or Night City Medical Center)[3] is a location in Night City.



By 2020, the Night City Medical Center was considered the most modern hospital on the West Coast, and as such the prices were very high. The majority of its patients were in need of expensive treatments that required extensive stays. At 6000 eurodollars per day for one of the few non-private rooms, only the richest could afford to stay here. The private rooms at the top of the building were truly comparable to luxury suites at almost any hotel in Night City. Hence, most clients chose outpatient status. On top of that, some overflow clientele from the Crisis Medical Center was redirected here. The building also included AV landing pads.[3]


The City Medical Center survived the Fourth Corporate War, but during the Time of the Red it suffered from lower-level flooding and regular disruption of services such as water, power, and communications. The remaining hospitals in the city were also the last opportunity for major surgery and the ability to handle the periodic plague outbreaks that were common in the period following the AHQ Disaster.

In 2045, the City Medical Center was a large research hospital with multiple corporate ties. Aside from offering medical care to the citizens, the hospital was also known for offering, for the right price, therapy and biosculpting.[2]


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