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The Chram Denya Jinja, commonly also known as Shintō Shrine, is a location in Cyberpunk 2077.


The shrine can be found on Milagro Terrace in North Oak, Westbrook. The Night City Shinto Shrine is a place of worship and the dwellings of the kami, the Shintō "gods". People all over Night City come to this location not only for worship, but to also learn of Japanese culture. The entrance to the shrine is a Tori gate, within the shrine is a Purification trough, Shimenawa, Ema, main and offering hall. There is also a stage for kagura dance or noh theater performances can be seen. The main inhabitants of the shrine are the Shinshoku who tend to the shrine.

Database Entry

Shinto Shrine

Japantown isn't just restaurants with signs in kanji and nightclubs playing J-lazpop. It's a hub for Japanese culture, a home for those with strong connections to the land of the rising sun - both material and spiritual. Many visit this shrine to learn more about Japanese tradition or simply take a break from the rat-race of the city.[2]


The first shintō shrine in Night City. The Denya-Jinja pavilion is dedicated to the kami of chrome, night and electricity. Here you shall restore your vital energy, drawing strength from ancient Japanese traditions fused with the elements of modernity. Created from the synthesis of metal and neon, Denya-Jinja is the perfect place to find inner harmony in an age of chrome.
On the pavilion grounds you can supply yourself with maneki neko and omamori amulets, as well as stamp your goshuincho. For an additional charge, our monks also perform rituals to ward of evil spirits, bless construction sites for homes and businesses, and officiate wedding ceremonies.

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  • Within the shrine is a gift shop which serves as a junk store.
  • An ARCH Nazaré for sale can be found at the shrine's parking lot.
  • The shrine has two Torii gates, one after the stairs on the outer compound and the other in front of the main hall.
  • The Chōzuya (pavillon for ritual purification) is behind the first gate and there is no means of purification in front of it.
  • The kanji at the first gate read "Night City Jinja Memorial", with a literal word-for-word translation of "Night City".



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