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Chon Chung II, leader of Tanson, still dominates the zaibatsu despite his advance age of 95. He has strong connections with both the Korean military and political worlds. Many of the Neo-Yangban followers of Korea are thought to be allied with Tanson Group. They are are expanding their business activities to every industrial area are becoming incredibly diverse, like IEC or CITIC. This is unusual for the Korean corporation, which usually specializes in limited areas. Tanson's hostile takeovers and belligerency towards "Noje companies" are a cause of great worry in Korean economic circles.[1]

Chon Chung II is convinced that Korea is being corrupted by foreign influences, and the prime accomplice is Sungan Industries. He is building up to the day when he can declare an economic jihad on Sungan and Sun UnSuk. He also fanatically hates Arasaka Saburo. The mere mention of the name is enough to provoke a room-smashing fury from the Korean business leader. Rumor has it that the Chon family were former servants on the Arasaka estates in Korea during the occupation. Neither side will confirm or deny.[1]


  • He's a massive racist and rejects all foreign influence in Korea.
  • He believes in the traditions held in Korea since China initially introduced them.
  • He hates Japan and fears they might invade Korea again one day.
  • Sees Sun UnSuk as a danger to the country's traditions and hates how much power she has.


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