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Disambig This article is about the side job. For the song, see Chippin' In (song).

Chippin' In is a side job given by Johnny Silverhand in Cyberpunk 2077.

Game Ending options: This quest's dialogue choices with Johnny near the end can determine if the secret ending becomes available or not. Also, depending on choices made during this quest, Blistering Love may not be available, which can lock out the ability to build up your relationship further with Johnny, and not being able to do Rogue's ending path.


After Search and Destroy and another part of Tapeworm, Johnny will eventually ask to allow him to control your body so he can explain everything to Rogue to get her to help him take out Adam Smasher. To do so, head to the Afterlife and, after talking with Johnny, take the pill to allow him control.

The game will technically cut to A Cool Metal Fire, though this doesn't show up in notifications. After all the scenes are done with and you talked to Johnny about the night's events, you'll return back to the main part of the quest and will need to wait a day for Rogue to get back to.


After the wait period is up, Rogue will call and reveal Ebunike is an old container ship docked in Night City and to meet her back at the Afterlife to discuss it further. Head over and after a short conversation with Crispin Weyland, follow Rogue out to her car where she'll give you a Replica of Johnny's Samurai jacket that you'll automatically put on. Hop into Rogue's car where you can talk to her for a bit as she drives you up to Northside's docks where the ship is. If it's still daytime, she'll want to wait until dark so there's not so many eyes lurking about so time will skip ahead for you.

When it's time, follow Rogue to sneak closer to the base, before eventually you'll be given the objective to find the dataterm. At this point you can decide to continue sneaking around or just do a full assault. Regardless how you do it, once you get to the dataterm, read the messages to learn they should be hiding on the nearby ship. Make your way over there and up the flight of stairs. There's a few areas of interest you can come across, like a dead woman's body, stolen weapons, a recording on the computer, and drugs that opens up some dialogue with Rogue and Johnny, but not much else.

If you've been sneaking, note there are a few guards up here on the far end, but no matter what you do, once you get close enough they'll automatically detect you're there and enter combat mode, with Jeremiah Grayson in attendance. Once you take him down, you can question Grayson, who'll insinuate Rogue was actually on the same side as him at one point and there's more to the story on why she wasn't hunted down and killed after the Arasaka Tower bombing, but if you ask Rogue about this, she'll just note he's trying to distract from your goal to find Smasher. Eventually he reveals Smasher is back in Japan, having been promoted to head of Arasaka's security, and thus unlikely to return to Night City again. You can then ask him a bit about why he had Johnny's weapon before revealing they buried Johnny's body out in the Badlands' oil fields.

Grayson will then try to bargain his way into being spared, noting he has a special item of Johnny's you can have if you let him go.
Note: it doesn't matter if you spare or kill him here as you can still get the special item, Johnny's Porsche 911 Turbo, it'll just require finding the lock to use the access key on. However you dealt with him, Rogue will become upset and you'll need to talk to her for a bit before she leaves. Then talk to Johnny, who notes to let her cool down. With that, head over to the right side of the ship (the area facing the base you came through) and find the ladder to climb up to the control panel here to lower the container. Once done, head back down to ground level and open the container with the key to reveal the Porsche.

If V checks out the Kang Tao labelled crates on the Ebunike:

Rogue and V uncover that Adam Smasher was behind the Kang Tao raid reported some time ago. The crates contain firearms that were bound for South Africa.

If V checks out the body in one of the containers:

V finds a female body in one of the containers. The woman was strangled then shot point blank with hollow point rounds 4 days ago, as deduced by Rogue. According to Johnny, this is Adam Smasher's signature style.

If V checks out the audio recordings on the computer:

V can uncover that Adam Smasher was pulling the strings behind Militech backing out of a deal with Night Corp, as he was blackmailing Anthony Gilchrist by taking a woman by the name of Mallory hostage.

The Oilfields and unlocking the secret game ending[]

Hop in the car and drive out to the northern oil fields and, once near the objective marker, Johnny will start another conversation with you.

Important: Your dialogue choice here is critical to unlock the secret ending, (Don't Fear) The Reaper. It is not needed to reach 70% of affinity with Johnny.

Most dialogue choices will unlock Blistering Love, but to ensure you also unlock the secret ending you need to choose a specific dialogue with Johnny. Choose the following prompts:

  • "Nah, fucked that up too."
  • "What do you want from me?"
  • "Ok. But as second chances go, this is your last."

If done correctly, Johnny will then request you to call Rogue on his behalf to ask her out on a date, ending this quest and giving the side one, Blistering Love. If you do not give Johnny a second chance after choosing "Nah, fucked that up too," he will ask you to go and see Kerry instead, starting Holdin' On and omitting Rogue's quest altogether.

Journal Entry[]

This is it, Rogue's in for the kill - she's ready to stop running from her past and catch Smasher. And when we catch the bastard, I wanna be the one to pull the trigger. But for now - you're in charge. Happy hunting!


  • Go to the Afterlife.
  • Talk to Johnny.
  • Wait a day for Rogue to call.
  • Talk to Rogue.
  • Meet Rogue at the Afterlife.
  • Talk to Rogue.
  • Follow Rogue.
  • Take the gift from the trunk.
  • Talk to Rogue.
  • Get in Rogue's car.
  • Follow Rogue.
    • Open Cargo Door
  • Find the Dataterm.
  • Check the Dataterm.
  • Look for Smasher on the Ebunike.
    • Listen to the recordings. [Optional]
  • Take Johnny's gun.
  • Question Grayson about Smasher.
  • Talk to Rogue.
  • Talk to Johnny.
  • Lower the crane.
  • Open the container.
  • Remove the canvas cover.
  • Get in Johnny's Porsche.
  • Drive to the oil fields.
  • Find Johnny's grave.
  • Talk to Johnny.



  • After finishing any game ending where you kill Adam Smasher and loot him for his Access Token, you can return to the Ebunike and unlock his secret office containing the crafting specs for the Ba Xing Chong.
  • If this quest was completed before initiating the Firestarter quest, and if playing a Male V, when Kurt Hansen asks V about classic cars, the option to select the Porsche-911 as a topic of discussion can be used.