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China Dahl was born in Hong Kong, and grew up in a safe Corporate housing estate, she was the daughter of a low-level Corp worker. She attended a Corporate school that would teach children to respect their parents, other people and the Corporation above all else. Happy in the microcosm, she quickly became a skilled photographer and grew to learn she was at her happiest when around people. She then attended a Corporate University to study public relations, while there she realized that the Corporate media only would report a small slice of the actual news and through this realization she began to take unauthorized trips to the streets for herself.

It was during her time on the streets she saw first hand that the Corporations had a tyrannical grip over their employees and started to put an anti-Corp slant into all her stories. These minor stories were eventually picked up by small anti-Corporation networks. Continuing in her studios, she passed with honors and was offered a place in the PR department of her sponsor Corporation. To their surprised she turned down the opportunity and became a freelance Media reporter to smaller networks. She developed a taste for gritty street stories with Corporation slant, she learned the skills to keep her mostly out of trouble.

China's former Corporate sponsor was not pleased by this turn of events, but can't do anything about it until she makes a mistake. She is a disillusion woman who saw her early values exposed as merely Corp policy drummed into her as a child. She has made new friends in this world, but still more than anything misses her family, and still is upset that her father's Corporation will not allow her to see them.[1]

Operating Style[]

Wanting to enjoy life to its fullest she frequents many nightclubs, even those closed her as a non-Corporate member. There she is able to unwind and keep her ear out for any gossip that could lead to a scoop.

By picking up the said gossip to then following up on it with any leads, this means she's always working. However she doesn't always get a story, but the fact she always manages to have fun and sometimes makes money from it, this is actually her preferred way of operation. She uses people for both pleasure and information, usually at the same time.[1]


INT: 7, EMP: 8/6, LUCK: 5, BOD: 7/9, TECH: 7, ATT: 7/10, Rep: 5, REF: 7, COOL: 8, MA: 5.[1]


Credibility +7, Persuasion +5, Awareness +6, Athletics +6, Electronics +5, Human Perception +5, Interview +7, Wardrobe/Style +5, Personal Grooming +5, Photo & Film +8, Handgun +4, Library Search +4, Streetwise +6, Disguise +5, Corporate Policy +3, Culture +5.[1]


  • Basic Processor w/Interface plugs, Kerenzikov Booster (two levels)
  • Chipware Socket w/Stress chip and Max-Lover chip
  • Skinweave (12SP), muscle & Bone Lace
  • 2x Cyberoptics (AD, VideoCam Transmitter options)[1]


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