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Disambig This article is about the Emperor 620 Ragnar. For other variants, see Chevillon Emperor.

Awarded the "Golden Seatbelt" at the Cologne Motor Show in 2072.

— Emperor 620 Ragnar, Cyberpunk 2077

The Emperor 620 Ragnar is a vehicle manufactured by Chevillon in Cyberpunk 2077.


The Emperor is a neomilitaristic SUV widely used by many corporations and civilians in 2077.[1]

Corporative and other important organization Emperor have an armored body with bulletproof glass.

Militech's version is outfitted for combat and can transport up to 9 people plus a moderate cargo load. Additionally, it can haul small caliber artillery pieces, such as HMGs. It is mostly used to transport personnel, to be used as light in-combat support or as a field ambulance.[2]

It is mostly utilized by Arasaka, Militech, Kang Tao, NetWatch, the NCPD, and others.[1]


It can be acquired from the AUTOFIXER netpage for €$38,000.


  • The Militech variant that appears in Gig: Radar Love carries a unique and special Mobile Radar Station P9D/2.161 in a special box on top of the vehicle.
  • Despite having a database image, it doesn't have a database entry.
  • Prior to Patch 1.5 it cost €$32,000.
  • Prior to the introduction of AUTOFIXER, Dino Dinovic sold the car via a text message: "Beep beep! Got a Chevillion Emperor for sale. Won't deny it - hunk of metal's on the cheap side, bottom-shelf, but goddamn, the suspension on this thing's baby-smooth. Feels like you're riding on a cloud. And the seats! Fuck me, it's like you're getting a massage! Paint's job also so pretentious it's almost endearing. For what you're getting, this one's a bargain, trust me."

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