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Disambig This article is about the area in Cyberpunk 2020. For the location in Cyberpunk 2077, see Charter Hill (2077).

Charter Hill (also known as Section C6) is a relatively crime free area of Night City in the 2020s due to recent re-developments.


Charter Hill is a small section of the city between the crowded streets of Little China and the sludge-slicked waters of Del Coronado Bay. Charter Hill was originally zoned as a residential area, and was much like the larger area to the South, which would later be named the "Combat Zone."

This area of Night City was one of the hardest hit in 2005, and was nearly destroyed in the Mob War of 2009-2011. After the Corps had cleaned up the city, the Charter Hill area remained pretty well undeveloped and ignored in the larger scheme of things.

What saved Charter Hill was the intervention of the European company Hydrosubsidium. This development, and the glamour and money of the neighboring Hacienda, re-established Charter Hill as one of the more pleasant sections of the city. After five years of development and reconstruction, Charter Hill is now known as having one of the lowest crime rates on Del Coronado Bay. Considering that Charter Hill is no-man's land as far as the gangs are concerned, it's often used as a neutral meeting point to resolve problems - both the Hilton and the Hacienda see heavy use in this way.

Both the Stars Theatre and the Richard Night Memorial Aquarium bring a fair amount of upper class traffic to the area, and it is said that only the richest of power dealers can afford a lengthy stay at the Hacienda.[1]


Notable People[]


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