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It takes a lot to flame Clements, but when she does lose her temper, the best thing to do is to hide out (in another continent.) Highly educated and highly polished, she has worked or studied across the globe, and hence she has an extensive network of contacts. Normally, she is reserved and collected, encyclopedic in her knowledge, and forever making others feel like poorly-prepared amateurs. No matter how much time anyone spends around her, they'll never feel they know her. She freely admits she signed on with Entropy to help finance an early retirement.[1]


Resources 7, Personal Grooming 4, Style 5, Human Perception 5, Education 9, Social 5, Persuasion 6, Expert: Marketing 6, French 7, German 6, chipped for two skills (usually a local language and local law) 3.[1]


Skinwatch, skill chip plugs[1]


Gold TraumaCard, Image Wallet, Newsviewer, cellphone.[1]


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