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Can cyberpsychosis be cured? is a readable shard in Cyberpunk 2077.



Can cyberpsychosis be cured? Opinions on that question are divided. Only a few years ago so-called braindance therapy was used across the entire country on a mass scale with the aim of bringing the sick back from the point of no return. The patient would be placed on a special chair and connected to a device that would deactivate all implants.
Then electrodes would be attached, inducing the patient into a coma-like braindance session. This was then followed up by medicine, psychosurgery and the aversion therapy.
The overall treatment was intended to sever all the patient's neural connections and tie them back together so that the cyberpsycho could return to society. Once the therapy was concluded, no symptoms of cyberpsychosis were detected, as well as the patient's former personality. But don't worry - nowadays other methods are used. At least, that's what they tell us.


  • Two copies of this shard can be found inside the All Foods Plant during The Pickup:
    • Down the hallway, laying on the floor, underneath a hazmat suit.
    • Up the stairs in the red room, sitting on top of a crate, near the defunct elevator.

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