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CINO "Moray" is fightersub. While physically smaller than most of the fightersubs currently in production, the Moray displaces a whopping twenty-six metric tons. The large magneto-hydraulic drive is a huge power-eater, but the inclusion of three Arasaka homing torpedoes and a belly-mounted anti-armor subroc battery for close-in fighting make this fightersub a dangerous foe.

The Moray, like all fightersubs, is completely pressurized down to 300 meters in an atmosphere. The sleek gray hull, made of ceramic alloys covered in multilayered sound-absorbing panels, allows the Moray to dive through shockwaves that would normally render other fightersubs inoperative (+2 to all SW rolls).

The Moray employs "Fly-by-mind" control systems, thermograph cybervision, a full BUD (Brain-Up Display), and other instrumentation fed to the pilot for intuitive processing. He is assisted in this task by a Pseudo-intelligence similar to that found in EVPAs (INT 3) which filters extraneous sensor data and then feeds the "friendlier" data to him through specialized neurochannels. With this system the pilot can do more in less time, and can even use the PSI to assist in targeting or piloting.[1]


Life Support System, Damage Control System, Military Radio w/ Scrambler, Weapon Stabilization, Cybernetic Linkage, Robotic Control, (INT 3) twin MHDs in external armored pods, Searchlight, Marine Sensor Suite (Sonar & Thermal Imaging).[1]


3 Smart Torpedoes (Skll-8/WA+1, Range 3.3 miles, 12D10), HEAT Subrocs (+0, Range 800m, 10D10AP, 100 shots).[1]


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