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CINO (Corporation Internationale Nauticale et Oceanique) was a French oceanographic and shipbuilding operations corporation, which specialized in underwater shipping and technology services around the Pacific Rim and Atlantic Rim. When the German corporation IHAG declared bankruptcy, CINO became embroiled in a conflict with rival corporation OTEC over IHAQ's remaining assets. As CINO hired the Arasaka to fight on their behalf against OTEC's proxy, Militech, the conflict escalated and led to the Fourth Corporate War.[1]


Originally a British shipping firm, CINO deals mainly in the construction of shipping vessels and related navigation and shipping equipment. This is done at their huge dry-dock facility in Le Havre, or at Marseilles. They have modest krill processing centers, a few sea farms, and dozens of undersea research labs. For 10 years they've been unsuccessfully struggling to break into nautical technology.[2]

Equipment & Resources[]

The corporation has access to state of-the-art military vessels (since they build them) and can delay delivery of any of these vessels to take them on a "proving test." Each office has several AVs for antisub work, assault, and cargo transport They have contracts with Europe's best hospitals, and can call on high-quality mercenaries.[2]



Type Products
Equipment CINO "Islander" rebreather, CINO "Big Blue" rebreather, CINO/Hydrosubsidium "Seagod"
Vehicles CINO "Moray", CINO "RELaCS" Cargo Submersible


Type Products
Vehicles CINO RELaCS Cargo Sub
Drones Macrocheira-Class Crabform


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