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Burning Desire also known as Night Moves is a side job in Cyberpunk 2077.


The gig starts when you approach a bent, moaning person with no pants on holding his crotch. When asked what is wrong, that person, Jesse, will say that he has an implant malfunction and needs to see a ripperdoc. After that, if you agree to help, they will get in V's car that is parked outside. V deduces that Jesse got the XCV/19 series version of the Mr. Studd implant, which was recalled due to being faulty but is still being sold on the street.

You will then have to drive quickly to a ripperdoc located in Northside. On the way, you'll have to stop for children crossing the road, military vehicles crossing the intersection, and a police cordon blocking the way. If you don't make it to the ripper in time, Jesse will ask to stop the car and get out, followed quickly by his death as the implant explodes and blows his legs off, and the gig will fail.

If you successfully reach the ripperdoc, Jesse rushes out of the car, promising to pay later. He will indeed call after some time, saying that he transferred the money. When asked whether he is alright, he says that he plans to get another implant.

Journal Entry[]

That's the great thing about Night City - no chance you'll ever get bored here. Where else could you have some dude with a smoking crotch jump into your car askin' to hitch a ride? Come on, V, show some sympathy. Get this guy to a ripper before his dick explodes all over your dashboard.


  • Find out what's wrong with the distressed man.
  • Decide whether or not to help.
  • Grab a car and pick up the distressed man.
  • Take the distressed man to a ripperdoc.
  • Stop in front of the ripperdoc clinic.
  • Wait for a call from the distressed man.
  • Talk to the distressed man.