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The Burleson Tower is a location featured in the pen and paper RPG Cyberpunk 2020.


Burleson Construction Company was in charge of a lot of the construction in downtown Night City, and went bankrupt shortly after Mob businesses took over. The Mob left the building standing and the name unchanged as a monument to their victory.

Poor maintenance has resulted in the slow deterioration of this building, which has finally ended up as a hotel. The rates are high, for despite the condition of the building, its convenient to the City Center, Corporate Center, and financial district. There are also a number of joygirls working the hotel, and there is a massage parlor operating on the third floor.

The top three floors of the building are occupied by Totentanz, a poorly-supervised club where a lot of boostergang members go to work up some adrenaline before getting laid. The music is loud, the drinks strong, and the patrons rowdy to an extreme. The local ambulance companies no longer make runs here, because too many of the casualties of this club couldn't pay their bills. Late at night, groups of boostergangers will make trips to Medicross Preservation (on High Street near Sterling) to finance their next round of drinks.

The NCPD let Totentanz stay open for two reasons: One; it kills the punks, and two; the gangs would get very upset if the place got closed down. The two story building east of the tower used to be a general store. It went out of business several years ago, and has remained deserted ever since. Lord only knows what goes on inside there now. Rumor has it the City plans to buy the building for a municipal annex.

Security Level: 0[1]


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