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Budget Arms, often stylized as BudgetArms[1], is a weapons manufacturer in the Cyberpunk universe.


True to its name, the company specialized in manufacturing very low-cost, very low-quality weapons typically advertised to the lower-middle class.

Budget Arms did not beat around the bush in regards to the quality of their products: advertising focused heavily on being the "Johnny-on-the-spot" weapon that pulled you out of a sticky situation at a very affordable, almost gimmicky, price. As a result, weapons from Budget Arms were notoriously prone to backfire on users, and the cheap plastics used in most of their weapons tended to melt due to heat exposure. For this reason, Budget Arms added disclaimers to some of their firearms, like the Slaught-O-Matic, to simply "discard after use", rather than attempt to reload or maintain.

By the 2070s, Budget Arms had conceived a retail franchise brand known as 2nd Amendment, which could be found all throughout Night City. Despite being a division of Budget Arms, most franchisees only stocked one product from the major brand: the Budget Arms Add-Vantage scope attachment.



Type Products
Pistols Auto 3[2], C-13[2], C-41[3], Laser-Niner[4]


Type Products
Exotics Triple Threat[5]


Type Products
Pistols Slaught-O-Matic
Shotguns Carnage
Submachine Guns Guillotine
Miscellaneous CRISP-er
Melee Claw, Cut-o-Matic
Equipment Add-Vantage


  • Budget Arms is derogatively referred to as "BudgetShitarms" by some.[6]


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