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Bryce Mosley, identified as Netwatch Agent in-game, is a NetWatch Netrunner in Cyberpunk 2077.


Bryce Mosley was a NetWatch agent responsible for fixing breaches in the Blackwall. In 2077, he was tasked with mapping out the Voodoo Boys data fortresses in Pacifica and shutting them down. Knowing the dangers, Mosley also made a deal with Matilda K. Rose, also known as Sasquatch, for her Animals gang to secure the Grand Imperial Mall and make sure the Voodoo Boys would not try to stop him outside of the Net. He had succeeded in temporarily bringing down two of the Voodoo Boys top Netrunners, Maman Brigitte and Ti Neptune, leaving them trapped in their stasis.

With his job complete, Mosley was preparing to leave before he encountered V, a mercenary hired by another Voodoo boy named Placide, who was attempting to stop Netwatch and save his fellow gang members. V had infiltrated the GIM and attempted to access Mosley's van, but was caught and left with a warning to leave by the Netwatch agent. V proceeded through the GIM while Mosley continued to leave messages to turn back. Later when V faced Sasquatch, Mosley attempted to hack into the mercenary's systems to stop them from finding him. After Sasquatch was defeated, V confronted Mosley face-to-face, who requested that he be allowed to explain to the mercenary what was really happening. Mosley also made sure that Placide could not overhear their conversation during this time. He told V that Placide was using them, and that they would be flatlined once the job was completed. After showing some evidence that what he was saying was true, he offered to let go of Brigitte and Ti, as well as clear the virus put in V's operating system, in exchange for being allowed to leave.[1]

If V proceeded with Placide's plan in I Walk the Line:

V didn't take Mosley's deal and instead proceeded to tackle him to the ground and jack into his operating system. What followed was a mass targeting of Netwatch agents in the area, with Mosley and V also being affected. V survived thanks to the Relic, while Mosley was killed.[1]

If V took Bryce's deal in I Walk the Line:

V decided to agree to his deal and was cleared of the virus in their operating system. Mosley also freed Brigitte and Ti from their stasis as promised. Before leaving V had a conversation with Mosley, who promised they would see each other again. While Mosley did keep his end of the bargain, he also installed a tracker into V which would activate upon entering the Net. Once V and the Voodoo Boys contacted the Alt Cunningham, NetWatch was prepared to strike but were prevented from tracking Alt, who flatlined the Voodoo Boys to stop any further action.[1]

Associated Quest[]


  • V coyly suggests Unforgiven for Gene Hackman's performance after Mosley says "all good guys wear a badge" as Gene Hackman plays the sheriff of a small town and is the villain of the film while the outlaws are the "good guys".



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