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Brooke Bailey Atchison is a corporate executive working for the Lazarus Group.


Brooke Bailey Atchison is the 28 year old corporate executive in charge of procurement for the Lazarus Group. She works out of the Washington D.C. office, and is constantly juggling multi-million eurodollar equipment contracts and purchase orders with military manufacturers around the world. The efficient operation of Ms. Atchison's department is essential to the smooth functioning of the Lazarus group. Troops and agents around the world must be kept constantly supplied with items ranging from toothpaste to turbofan engines and TOW II missiles.

Ms. Atchison surprised everyone in the corporate office by rocketing through the white collar ranks to become one of the youngest non-combat department heads in the Lazarus Group. She is supremely confident, intelligent and a ruthless executive. Many a competitor has been diverted by her sweet good looks and then destroyed. Atchison keeps her high position within the company by maintaining a web of loyal contacts in, and out, of her department. Also, she continues to be the best procurement chief the Lazarus Group has had, or is likely to find.

Ms. Atchison has been the object of several assassination and extraction attempts. Assassination attempts have come from people inside the corporation who covet her high position or resent her power, and from organizations out side the corporation who know that disrupting her department could cause problems with the supply of Lazarus' troops. She is now under 24 hour monitor and guard.[1]


INT 9, REF 6, TECH 8, COOL 9, ATTR 10, LUCK 4, MA 5, BODY 5, EMP 10/6, SAVE 5, BTM -2.[1]


Resources 8, Personal Grooming 6, Wardrobe and Style 6, Human Perception 3, Seduction 8, Social 4, Persuasion and Fast Talk 5, Accounting 5, Education and Gen Know. 5, Expert Military Hardware 4, Expert Logistics 7, Expert Procurement/Contracting 9, Japanese 4, German 4, Tae Kwon Do 5, Pistol 2.[1]


Basic processor, dataterm link, chipware socket, interface plugs, shifttacts, chemskins, contraceptive implant, audio/video tape recorder, cybersnake (throat mounted), basic cyberoptic, Times Square Marquee, basic cyberaudio, bug detector, phone splice, voice stress analyser, digital recording link.[1]


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