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Brigitte, more commonly known as Maman Brigitte or just Mama, is a Netrunner and the leader of the Voodoo Boys operating in Pacifica in Cyberpunk 2077.


Early Life[]

After Haiti was decimated by natural disasters, Brigitte, along with many other Haitians, moved into Pacifica, a run-down district of Night City. Like most of the Voodoo Boys, Brigitte is a dedicated Netrunner who was determined to uncover the secrets of the Old Net. She would often probe the Blackwall in the hopes of making contact with the rogue intelligences beyond the barrier, in order to find a safe way to gain passage through it. Believing that eventually the Blackwall would crumble, and the wild AIs beyond it would escape to wreak havoc in the net, Brigitte and the Voodoo Boys wished to garner favor with these AIs once they were free. However, the gang's constant probing of the Blackwall began to draw the attention of NetWatch.[2]


Brigitte, hoping to obtain safe passage beyond the Blackwall, sought to communicate with Alt Cunningham through the engram of Johnny Silverhand. After learning it was in the possession of Yorinobu Arasaka in the form of the Relic prototype biochip, she and the Voodoo Boys hired Evelyn Parker to find out where it was kept via a braindance. After learning that the plan to steal the chip had failed, Brigitte remotely hacked Evelyn to ensure she that did not reveal their involvement. Around the same time however, Netwatch had tasked an agent to map out the Voodoo Boys data fortress in Pacifica and shut it down. Ti Neptune discovered NetWatch that was in their system but was quickly hit with black ICE and frozen, along with Brigitte. The Netwatch agent kept her and Ti in stasis until they were finally awoken after Placide, another member of the Voodoo Boys, hired the mercenary V to infiltrate the Grand Imperial Mall to stop NetWatch and free Brigitte and Ti.

After completing the job, V arrived at the Voodoo Boys hideout in order to speak to Brigitte, who revealed her presence in order to deescalate a confrontation between the mercenary and Placide. After discovering the biochip she needed was inside V's head, she decided to bring them along to aid with their plans. Brigitte explained that she needed to contact Alt using a fragment of the biochip's memory. Alt would then recognize the memory as Johnny's engram and bringing herself to the Voodoo Boys. Brigitte promised to remove the biochip from V after they drew out Alt, however had no intention of doing so, believing they would die in the process. She entered the Net and unlocked the fragment of the biochip's memory before sending V through to the other side of the Blackwall.[2]

If V took Bryce's deal in I Walk the Line:

Once V and the Voodoo Boys contacted the Alt Cunningham, NetWatch was ready to attack, but were stopped from tracking Alt as she flatlined the Voodoo Boys to prevent any further action. Brigitte was killed in the process.

If V did not take Bryce's deal in I Walk the Line:

After V returned from cyberspace, they were confronted by Brigitte, who was surprised they had survived. V was upset with Brigitte for constantly being used. Brigitte then threatened V due to Alt being unable to protect them in realspace.

If V decided to settle the score in Transmission:
V, wanting revenge against Voodoo Boys for their continued deceit, initiated a fight with the group. Despite Brigitte's threats, V killed her along with every gang member who attempted to stop them from leaving.

If V decided to leave the Voodoo Boys in Transmission:
Brigitte was annoyed that V was still alive and threatening them, however as the mercenary wanted nothing more to do with the Voodoo Boys, she allowed them to leave.

Database Entry[]

Maman Brigitte

An alarmingly skilled netrunner and leader of the Voodoo Boys – the gang that rules over Pacifica's Haitian community. Maman Brigitte hired Evelyn to steal the Relic, so chances are she'd know enough about how to safely rip it out of V's head. Thing is, Brigitte has her own plans for the biochip. Brigitte's not the kind of leader to stand around and wait for her orders to be carried out – she takes on the riskiest jobs and is always ready to put her neck on the line for her people. The Voodoo Boys trust her – everyone else oughta keep their distance.[2]

Associated Quests[]




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