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Brennan Cycles "Ares" Combat Bike is a cycle introduced in Chromebook Volume 3.

Sourcebook Description[]

No motorcycle is more suited for the roads of 2020. The Ares utilizes the patented Brennan Cycles Gendarme chassis, making it one of the most durable cycles on the road. It comes equipped with a removable weapons pod. Normally a cycle would be incapable of supporting the weight of an exterior pod. However, the innovative designers at Brennan installed the gun pod in a sidecar configuration, so the road supports most of the weight. The weapons pod holds a 20mm autocannon, standard. Fully-computerized SmartSuspension allows you to use the sidecar/weapons pod without sacrificing maneuverability.
Popular among Nomads and GoGangers, it's usually illegal (thanks to the standard autocannon). The cycle is available sans cannon for 3500eb less.
Special Equipment: Off-road capability, Radio, Radar detector.[1]
Weapons: 20mm autocannon In gun pod.[1]


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