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Brennan Cycles[1][2] is an American automotive and aerospace manufacturer in the Cyberpunk universe.


Brennan offers a more traditional approach, and are known for their cruisers and choppers. Those bikes are more practical for longer trips between cities, since they perform better on the often poorly maintained county highways and interstate roads.[2]


Cyberpunk 2020[]

Model Year Factory versions Custom variants
Ares 2010s - 2020s Brennan Cycles "Ares" Combat Bike N/A
Hermes 2010s - 2020s Brennan "Hermes" Courier Motorcycle N/A

Cyberpunk RED[]

Model Year Factory versions Custom variants
Artemis 2040s Brennan Highway Master Artemis N/A

Cyberpunk 2077[]

Model Year Factory versions Custom variants
Apollo 2052 - 2066 Brennan Apollo (off-road)
Brennan Apollo 650-S
Brennan Apollo BARGHEST
Brennan Apollo 650-S Scout
Brennan Apollo "Kaminari"
Brennan Apollo "Cicada"
Brennan Apollo "Gremlin"
Scorpion's Apollo
Thanatos N/A Brennan Thanatos N/A




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