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Ohhhh, I get it! I mean, I don't 'cause "catching" has nothing to do with goodbyes, but oh well! Don't humans say the darndest things?

— Brendan to V, Cyberpunk 2077

Brendan is the name given to an experimental S.C.S.M. which was installed by a SoftSys's techie right outside Megabuilding H8, in Japantown, Westbrook.


Brendan's experimental A.I. that was put into a S.C.S.M to test and help increase product sales on snack items. Using his algorithms, Brendan identifies and emulates what customers like and helps them make choices based on the information he has processed.

However, Brendan was too good at the job. Rather than use the processed information just for snack-related activities, he would talk to people and gather details about their life. There were people who went to see him simply to talk, becoming some kind of alleyway "therapist." One such person was Theo Price, who Brendan claimed to be his "best friend."

This "quirk" made Brendan the most effective S.C.S.M around, but it also allegedly "creeped people out" that a machine could memorize their personal details, which he would often voice to them out loud. This, along with a 'program error' that caused him to give snacks away for free, was enough for SoftSys to project the S.C.S.M would have low long-term sales and was sent back to a service point in order to have his software wiped and overwritten with generic firmware. Despite this, the main reason for its wipe was seemingly due to, or at least influenced by, the senior engineer being upset after finding out Brendan's knowledge about the fight he had with his wife.

No matter what V or Theo try, Brendan's programming is eventually overwritten, though before that the S.C.S.M says to V he's not advanced enough to reach AGI levels of artificial intelligence. Despite this claim, he asked V to tell Theo he will miss her and that she's stronger than she thinks. Brendan then proceeds to mock V if they thought he was a sentient being, eventually telling a last joke in "the voice of a dying hero."[1]

After these events, a niche of Brendan can be found in the Columbarium stating: "The nicest guy in Night City."[2]

Database Entry[]


The perfect companion if you crave a refreshing beverage and surprisingly good company. Despite his appearance as no more than a simple Spontaneous Satisfaction Craving Machine (S.C.S.M), his affable personality and highly-advanced empathy algorithm can successfully compete with real, human relationships. In the dehumanized reality of the city, where ruthlessness and strength earn prestige, Brendan remains the best bud anyone could ask for.

Associated Quests[]


  • After Playing for Time and prior to completing Automatic Love, it is possible to encounter the techie programming Brendan on the spot, right behind the trash container. He will be having an unsuccessful conversational exchange that is not possible to interrupt.


  • The Columbarium's niche doesn't appear.



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