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The Brainiacs were one of the many gangs in Night City.


The Brainiacs were the thinking man's boostergang, always choosing skill chips over other, clumsier cybernetics. They lived for knowledge, and are willing to obtain it in any way possible. It is believed that upper level members of the gang are so enhanced that they have become walking computers, hovering on the edge of cerebral cyberpsychosis. If you've got a new skillchip the Brainiacs haven't seen before, getting their help will be a cakewalk.

Generally not as violent as your average boostergang, the Brainiacs could have been just as deadly, preferring elaborate traps or complicated schemes to killing their victims outright. The Brainiacs almost wiped out a chapter of the Blood Razors once by "arranging" for their rivals to cross paths with a heavily armed Arasaka security force.

Despite multiple attempts by other gangs to wipe them out, the Brainiacs had always outsmarted their opponents. This savvy had earned them a measure of respect in other places besides the Street; high-ranking Brainiacs will occasionally hire themselves out to corporations for a few weeks to gain supplemental income.

The Brainiacs claimed a group of blocks north of the Corporate Center as home. They were not involved in any turf wars before the Fourth Corporate War, but are hated by most other boostergangs in the city (who will kill any Brainiac caught alone). The Brainiacs will only take new members that pass a rigorous IQ test. (applicant's INT is 9+)[1]

After The Night City Holocaust, many of the Brainiacs perished during the Time of the Red due to falling victim to the Roving Autonomous Bartmoss Interface Drones (R.A.B.I.D.s) black ICE program.[2]


Stylized human brain, usually burnt into something with a laser cutter.[1]


The only mark of a Brainiac is a small, easily hidden silver coin worn around the neck. Each coin has the member's name on the back and the Brainiac tag on the front.[1]

Average Stats[]

9 6 8 6 7 6 6 6 3
SKILLS: Skills for a Brainiac differ from person to person, but each will always have one personal speciality chipped to 10, and two others chipped to 6. Most members have Knowledge skills in the 5-7 range.[1]


Any and all possible skill chips.[1]


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