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Bradley Parker Jr. inherited his position as a junior member of the board when his father, Wall Street financier Bradley Parker Sr. was assassinated in the wake of a corporate takeover gone bad. Parker Sr. had not been among the original Armatech buyout investors, but had moved into Militech stock only a couple of years after the buy-out, when the still struggling company was attempting to fend off takeover bids from competitors that it has since destroyed. Parker Sr. left his entire portfolio and fortune to his son, Parker Jr. Unfortunately, Parker Jr.has not proved to be gifted soul that his father was. Most of the fortune went down the tubes, and only quick action by Donald Lundee preserved Bradleys Militech interests. Bradley Jr. has been indebted to Lundee ever since, and remains the General's staunch supporter. Lundee has taken a liking to the young man, and has taken him under his wing until he learns the ropes. Park-er manages the General's day to day affairs, serves as his executive assistant, and uses his board voting power to support Lundee. He is oblivious to his reputation as Lundee's toady.

Parker is a tall, thin man with blond hair. He is deathly afraid of surgery, and wears glasses rather than submit to cyberoptic implantation. This has made him the butt of some jokes around the company. He is about thirty-one years old, quick tempered and abrasive to every one except Lundee.[1]


INT 7, REF 7, TECH 4, COOL 6, ATTR 6, LUCK 7, MA 8, BODY 7, EMP 8, SAVE 7, BTM -2.[1]


Resources 7, Accounting 7, Education and Gen Know. 5, Military Weapons 2, Expert Personal Assistant 6, Stock Market 1, Handgun 2.[1]




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